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Letter from Lois
June 2017

Our Wise County donation deadline is looming just a few weeks away.

June 15th is the very last day we can guarantee our items will be included in the shipment this year.

Were you aware, those items go not only to Wise County here in Virginia but the RAM event attracts those from West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee and North Carolina as well?  All those states bordering the Appalachian area are included at this 3 day weekend for free medical and dental services plus the fantastic clothing, both hand stitched and recycled.  Amazing the outpouring of love and care happening at one small county fair grounds!

I’ve heard recently there is always a great need for warm items for kids from about 1 year up to 5 or 6 years.  The cold weather in those mountains comes much earlier than ours and lasts a bit longer.  Things like little warm sweater and hat sets as well as nice mittens for that age group.  No scarves please…they don't seem to be as popular.  These items would be very nice made with some of our wool blends which we have in cubbies in the far back of the shop.  Check out our supply and start stitching’!

While you are looking for your warm kid friendly yarn, take a look at both sides of our pegboard pattern/sample wall.  With the recent shop overhaul in the back area we have been able to display a great number of items, mostly from our newest book, “It’s Magic”.  You’ll find the baby and children’s items on the kitchen side of the wall.

Remember, any time you need help finding or selecting patterns or yarn, our very friendly, intelligent and able minded volunteer staff is there to help!  Maybe just come in to sit, chat and stitch with them now and then.  That’s always a wonderful experience :-)

Hope to see you at the shop very soon!

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