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August 2017 Newsletter  (best viewed in Google Chrome)

Once again our large, red, white and blue blankets are needed.  Liberation Family Services has asked for 25 for the beds of the Richmond area homeless veterans they are assisting.  Thirteen have been completed, but we certainly need help completing those last 12! 

While in the LFS community, participants are taught computer skills, home life skills and are supplied proper clothing to assist in finding full time jobs.  Once they are established they are able to find their own housing.  LFS even helps with setting up their new home by offering household items to them.

We supply the blankets for the 25 cots these veterans are using at their temporary home.  They are given help in getting back into society and are allowed to stay for up to one year, or a little longer if necessary.  The blankets we supply are just a very, very small thank you from From the Heart, our attempt to show them how much we appreciate their service and wish them well in their new lives.

These blankets measure approximately 36 X 60 and will fit nicely on their beds at LFS and will be taken with them when they move into their new lives.  As I said back last April, “…I know how I feel about facing the stitching of large blankets but for me, 12 inch squares will be the way to go!  I know that is something I can complete.  I know I can easily use this as my portable travel project.  And I know I can make a difference!  My preference in knitting 12” squares should not affect you, however, and we are more than happy to accept full sized afghans…”

Come by the shop for your yarn soon.  With the deadline for this project is in early September, we only have a little over a month to fill this request.  You’ll find a nice supply of red, white and blue in the cubbies, just waiting for you hooks and needles.

See you very soon at the shop!


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