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Patterns - From the Heart Stitchers

Below you will find Knitted patterns, Crocheted, Sewing, and some of our favorite sites with patterns. We hope you enjoy and will find the list helpful.


Knitted Patterns

Beanie Pattern.pdf

Beanie Pattern with Picture.pdf

Double Strand Ribbed Hat.pdf

Double Strand Rolled Brim Hat.pdf

Flat Knit Rolled Brim Hat.pdf

Floppy Brim Chemo Hat.pdf

Hand Knit Basic Hat.pdf

Row of Hearts Cable Stitch Chemo Hat/picture.pdf

Knitted Beret.pdf

Knitted Spiral Baby Cap with Picture.pdf

Lacy Chemo Hat.pdf

Lampshade Stitch Chemo Hat.pdf

Lampshade Stitch Chemo Hat with Picture.pdf

Mels Fake Cable Hat.pdf

Newborn Baby Knitted Hat with Picture.pdf

Open Weave Chemo Hat.pdf

Open Weave Chemo Hat with Picture.pdf

Ribbed Brim Hat.pdf

Ribbed Baby Hat.pdf

Ripple Hat with Picture.pdf

Rita's Rolled Rim Chemo Hat.pdf

Rita's Rolled Rim Chemo Hat with Picture.pdf

Rolled Brim Hat.pdf

Row of Hearts Summer Hat with Picture.pdf

Summer Chemo Hat.pdf

The Inside Out Knit Chemo Cap with Picture.pdf

The 28 Stitch Knit Baby Hat.pdf

The 28 Stitch Knit Baby Hat with Picture.pdf

Vine Edge chemo cap with image.pdf

Vine Edge Chemo cap without image.pdf

Knitted Newborn Hat

Warm Wooly Hat for the Homeless.pdf

Dippy Do Da Hat with picture.pdf

Easy Cable Hat with picture .pdf

Pyramid hat with picture.pdf


Basket Weave Lapghan.pdf  

Basketweave Blanket Square.pdf

Knitted Leftovers Afghan.pdf  

Simple Diagonal Blanket Square.pdf

Knit a 12" Square.pdf


Childs Mitten.pdf

Small Drawstring Cotton Pouch.pdf

Small Pouch with Flap.pdf

Quickie (5 hour) Baby Sweater.pdf  

Adult Chunky Mittens no pic.pdf

Adult Chunky Mittens with pic.pdf

Knitted Helmet Liner.pdf

Easy Knit Top Down Bear Sweater/ image.pdf

Easy Knit Top Down Bear Sweater.pdf

Knitted Bear Pants with image.pdf

Knitted Bear Pants with no image.pdf

Niffy Leftovers Loopy Scarf with picture.pdf

Niffy Leftovers Loopy Scarf without picture.pdf

Comfort Doll with picture.pdf

9 inch V-Neck Bear Sweater.pdf (updated)


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Crocheted Patterns

Crocheted Baby Hat.pdf

Dr. Mom's Head Hugger with Picture.pdf

Men's Skull Cap.pdf

Simple Spring-Summer Crocheted Hat.pdf

Men's Single Crochet Hat_without picture.pdf

Men's Single Crochet Hat_with picture.pdf

Easy Men's Crocheted Cap_without picture.pdf

Easy Men's Crocheted Cap_with picture .pdf

Crocheted Helmet Liner.pdf

Barb's Seamless Crocheted Baby Hat

Crocheted Front Post Hat with picture.pdf

Crocheted Front Post Hat without picture.pdf

Crocheted Chemo Hat.pdf


Crocheted Shells Baby Afghan-Picture.pdf

Diagonal Crochet Project with Picture.pdf

Quick & Easy Chemo Blanket with picture.pdf

Simple and Easy Baby Blanket.pdf

Crocheted Leftover Blanket with picture.pdf

Crochet a 12 Inch Square.pdf

Crocheted Mittens no pic.pdf

Crocheted Mittens with pic.pdf

Quick Preemie Hat - No Picture

Quick Preemie Hat with Picture


Crochet Version Einstein Jacket.pdf

Easy CrochetBear Dress/picture.pdf

Easy CrochetBear Pants/picture.pdf

Easy CrochetBear Sweater/picture.pdf

Crochet Version Einstein Jacket-picture.pdf

Crocheted Front Post Hat with picture.pdf

Crocheted Front Post Hat.pdf

Crochet PuffStitch Baby Hat Picture.pdf

Crocheted Sweater 13In Bear picture.pdf

Crocheted Sweater for 13 Inch Bear.pdf

Comfort Doll with picture.pdf

Comfort Doll Pattern_#2.pdf

Comfort Doll Pattern_#3.pdf


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Sewing Patterns

No Sew - Easy Sew Fleece Blanket.pdf

Recycle Pillowcases.pdf

Chemo cap for sewing



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Patterns From Other Websites

Crochet  Patterns

Crochet Wheelchair Wrap Pattern (Click here)

Waffle Cone Slouchy Hat

Chunky Neckwarmer

Sunshine on My Shoulders Wrap

Chunky Brimmed Winter Hat/Chapeau

Tiny Hearts Blanket

Cuddle and Coo Baby Blanket

Crochet Star Stitch Hat Cap

Baby Crochet Pom Pom Hat


Knit Patterns

Freedom Blanket - Learn to knit with Katie

Two Hours or Less Scarf

Snowflake Kisses Baby Blanket

Waffle Premmie Blanket



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