Useful Links

Thank you to the people/companies below who have provided resources, tips, and patterns. If you would like to add your link, please contact us.

Ever wonder what Nursing Home Abuse can look like?  Here is a good resource to help you identify the many forms it can take,

A guide to avoid scams can be found here

Very useful information about eyes as they get older and how to watch for signs it is time to do something to help them.

Some more information about what to expect, eyewise, as we age.

The Ultimate Internet Safety Guide for Seniors (2022)

Educational resource regarding internet definition can be found HERE

Sent to From the Heart from Kelly T, a young girl who has recently discovered her passion for stitching.  Lots of patterns and information for anyone who likes to sew historical clothes and costumes.

It has been proven that people benefit from volunteering and actually live longer owing to a culmination of benefits.  Check that out HERE

UK Website so watch for needle and hook sizes.  They are different in England.  Mm and Cm are, obviously, the same so easier if you go that that rather than the numbers or letters.

“Flat Braid” Square Joining Method: A pretty and easy way to join squares together

Ultimate Knitting Resource Guide –

Resource Guide to Crochet – Paradise Fibers

Gorgeous patterns for knitted toys (from Britain).  PDF downloads – NOT FREE (Paypal friendly)

Free knitting and crochet patterns of all types for use ‘for charity and gifts of love’ only.  Also has other crafts on the site

Lion Brand website (might need to register to access free patterns but it is free)

US website.  Nice collection of various crochet patterns plus videos.

Need to be a member to download but membership is free

Garn Studio DROPS Designs site.  100’s of free patterns.  European site with metric sizing.

Free knitting patterns from Knit n Style Magazine.  

US website.  Nice collection of various knitting patterns plus videos.

British website with metric sizes.  Loads of free patterns.  Also has pages on sewing, jewelry making.  Very fun site.

Free patterns from Patons Yarns

Free knitting and crochet patterns of many types

Need to become a member but a terrific site and membership is free

Follow the links for all sorts of free crochet and knitting patterns

Blog with free patterns for personal and non-profit use.  Links to patterns are on the right side of the page.

Knitty – For the men who shave their heads for chemo, here’s a “bald-friendly” hat from Jesse Loesberg.

Lion Brand Yarn – New patterns, product alerts, special offers, knit and crochet lessons.

Bev’s Free Pattern Page – Free patterns!

Head Huggers – Do you knit? Crochet? Sew? Would you like to use this skill to help someone who has undergone hair loss due to chemotherapy, brain surgery, burn wounds, etc.?

Stitches – The Knitting Universe

Knitty Patterns – Knitting Patterns and News

Seat Up – an assist in choosing colors for your project.

Sixty and Me –  In the event you are looking for other volunteer opportunities.  – These pages will connect you to online communities that may share your interests and help you find resources on health, jobs, spirituality, dating, money management, games, and more.