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COVID-19 Update Sept. 30  – Please Read

From the Heart Remains Closed

Our primary concern is for the health, safety, and well-being of our membership and, so, in lieu of re-opening the workshop, we will continue the Drop-offs for the time being.  Our member will also receive invitations to come and browse for yarn specified times and with a reservation.  Members will receive email notifications about these opportunities.

As we have a call for items, we will let you know and begin to accept those items at our drop offs.  Details will be given in the emails I send out.

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Take care and stay safe,

Tricia Ennis,


What’s in a number?

What have we been making this year and how does it compare with last year? Comparing the distribution of inventory from January-September 2019, total items distributed during that time were 13,295. So far in 2020, we’ve distributed 58,193 items. Wow! What went out last year as opposed to this year? The comparison looks like this.

                                                             2019                                                    2020

Hats     (all sizes)                               6,216                                                   5,762

Scarves (all sizes)                             1,296                                                      442

Blankets (all sizes)                            2,256                                                   2,708

Underarm Pillows                             1,023                                                      597

Suzy bags                                               749                                                      333

Seatbelt Protectors                               684                                                   1,618

Face Masks                                                                                                    33,900

Ear Savers                                                                                                       5,107

Surgical Caps                                                                                                  1,252

Misc.                                                     1,071                                                   6,474

Jan-Sept Total Items                     13,295                                                 58,193

We have sent out more face masks during this pandemic than the TOTAL number of all items for all of 2019 (24,227). In addition, our regular deliveries of blankets, hats, and scarves this year are close to what we did last year. A shout out to our sewers. So much of what we make is sewn rather than knitted or crocheted. They have really gone above and beyond this year!

From our humble beginnings…

…in a Starbucks coffee shop in 2001, to our close to 1,800 member base today, the volunteer organization From the Heart continues its charitable mission.

From the Heart is involved in numerous projects, from making chemo hats for local cancer centers, preemie baby hats for the tiniest of our recipients, sleeping bags and warm mitten sets for the homeless in the Richmond community.

Heart volunteers are constantly finding new opportunities to help, and encourage anyone who knows of an unmet need in the community to please bring it to our attention.

We invite anyone interested in joining our cause to join us by email, web site, or check the latest newsletter for our schedule and just show up!

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Volunteers are angels in disguise. Spread your wings…Join From the Heart!

Lois Moore, Founder of From the Heart

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to serve our community by preserving and promoting fiber arts, creating a spirit of fellowship and love among our volunteers and board members, and producing handmade items which bring comfort, love and solace to others.

Our workshop is located at:

1114 Westbriar Drive
Richmond, Va 23238


Workshop Hours:  We are currently closed due to COVID-19
Tuesday 10 – 2
Wednesday 10 – 2
Thursday 10 – 2
Saturday 10 – 2