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COVID-19 Update May 20 – Please Read

From the Heart Workshop Remains Closed

From the Heart has donated into our communities as of May 20.

To our front line workers:
Masks 13,951
Ear Easers 1,972
Comfort Hearts 658
Surgical Caps 114

To our local hospitals:
Baby Hats 557

Yes, we are accepting baby hats now as several hospitals have asked for them, so you can drop off any you have, at our drop-off events.

We have places to send them, which cheers me no end. To me, it signifies that there is a loosening of this dreadful thing we have all been going through.

As time goes on, we will expand what we are able to accept but it will depend entirely on what our recipients are able to receive.

Drop off, this weekend, is planned for Sunday (May 24) from 1 until 2pm. We will have buttons, elastic, tags, and cotton yarn for you to pick up (maybe some fabric but we are very low on that), and you can drop off any COVID-19 items you have made: Masks, ear eases, Comfort hearts, surgical caps, in bags dated as to when they were bagged and with the number of items in each bag written on the outside.

Baby hats too. The first point of the re-opening.

We will have tags set out so that you can tag future items as we expect to have a LOT coming in once we re-open and ever item which is already tagged is one less we have to do before sending it out.

Thank you all so much. I remain amazed at how responsive and loving From the Heart members are.

Tricia Ennis, President

* https://www.wired.com/story/whats-social-distancing-flattening-curve-covid-19-questions/


From our humble beginnings…

…in a Starbucks coffee shop in 2001, to our close to 1,800 member base today, the volunteer organization From the Heart continues its charitable mission.

From the Heart is involved in numerous projects, from making chemo hats for local cancer centers, preemie baby hats for the tiniest of our recipients, sleeping bags and warm mitten sets for the homeless in the Richmond community.

Heart volunteers are constantly finding new opportunities to help, and encourage anyone who knows of an unmet need in the community to please bring it to our attention.

We invite anyone interested in joining our cause to join us by email, web site, or check the latest newsletter for our schedule and just show up!

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Volunteers are angels in disguise. Spread your wings…Join From the Heart!

Lois Moore, Founder of From the Heart

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to serve our community by preserving and promoting fiber arts, creating a spirit of fellowship and love among our volunteers and board members, and producing handmade items which bring comfort, love and solace to others.


Our workshop is located at:

1114 Westbriar Drive
Richmond, Va 23238


Workshop Hours:
Tuesday 10 – 2
Wednesday 10 – 2
Thursday 10 – 2
Saturday 10 – 2