Circular Loom Knitting Patterns

Please note that these patterns were not written by From the Heart members so you will be re-directed out of the From the Heart website.  You will easily be able to return to this page by clicking the “close tab” on the re-directed page.

None of these patterns are intended to be used for sale or profit.  They are intended for personal or charitable use only.  Please note that, although From the Heart cannot accept loomed hats, we can accept items created using the patterns below.   If you have a circular loom pattern you think From the Heart could use, please feel free to send it to us for consideration by using our Contact Button.

Baby Booties

Baby Sweater

Bear Toy

How to Make a Toy Bunny From a Square

Knitted Knockers (fake boobs by some women following a mastectomy)

Loom Knitted Twiddle Muff

Patchwork Garter Baby Throw