Calendar Updates for December 2021

I am continuing to update the calendar as I hear of more meetings which have made the decision to meet virtually or, in some cases, have decided they will not be meeting for the time being. If you are a group leader and there has been a change in how or when you meet, please let me know and I will amend the calendar. 
Local mandates and recommendations continue to change so you can expect that the calendar will too.
Since the CDC issued its recommendation that even vaccinated people should wear a mask indoors in certain places and environments. We have decided that, in the best interests of our membership and their friends and families and in accord with what we have done to help protect our membership since the beginning of this pandemic, we will return to mask wearing inside the workshop, starting on Saturday, July 31.
We are no longer taking temperatures when people enter the workshop but we continue to ask that you DO NOT attend ANY meeting if you are feeling unwell in any way or if you have recently been in the company of somebody who was unwell.
Also, if you enter the workshop for any reason, please sign your name and phone number into the dated contact tracing sheets we are maintaining on the desk as you enter.
(804) 683-9015

Local Group Meeting Times for December 2021 (printable pdf)

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