Good Morning,

I’m a child life specialist working at the Children’s Hospital of Richmond (15 years now!) and I just have to tell you how much your beautiful pillowcases have meant to so many children all these years.

I currently am in our peri-operative unit where children come to wait for surgery and there is nothing better than to see how quickly one of your bright, cheerful pillowcases can make a patient’s room less “hospital-like” and less scary. We often let our patients choose which pillowcase they want and it can make all the difference between having a child who is scared and a child who is feel empowered and loved.

I know there was a hiatus on all of your hard work during the years after 2020 but ALL of the nurses and I were thrilled when we received a couple dozen of your pillowcases last week. And the fabric selection was spot on! Harry Potter, unicorns, diverse mermaids, dinosaurs, and trucks?!? Amazing. Thank you to each of you for your talent, skill, and love that you put into every pillowcase.

And selfishly, keep sewing! We always have room for more! 🙂

Thank you and bless you for your hard work.

September 11, 2023


Good Morning,

My name is Kimberly B. and my mom, Sharon W., was on the Palliative Care floor at VCU. When she was moved to that floor, she received one of your beautiful afghans. She loved bright colors and the afghan that she received was perfectly matched for her. It provided her much comfort in her last days.

On behalf of myself, my sister Lorri, and the rest of our family, we want to say thank you for all you do. Our mom and grandmother both used to crochet so we know how much time and effort goes into creating the afghans. So again, we want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts to your organization.

With sincere gratitude,


July 7, 2023


Hello Stitchers, 

I do not know your group, but wanted to write a short note to thank you for the beautiful gift you left last week in my Husband’s room at Patriots Colony in Williamsburg, VA.

It’s a new change of life being in a Memory Center and it’s been quite a challenge for both of us.  So, I wanted to let you know how much it meant to receive such a treasure of warmth as the handmade shawl someone took the time to knit. I don’t think my husband has been without it since it was given to him.

Many, many thanks and yes, you truly are angels here on earth.

Grateful Love, R. & J. B.

Williamsburg, VA

June 3, 2023


“I just wanted to thank you for the lovely blankets you make. I started chemo last week and the blanket was so warm and comforting. It was a Godsend. Thank you again it help me a lot. It reminded me of my grandma and that helped a lot. P.P.” April 13, 2023


My sister is a patient of Dr. P. and received a pair of knitted knockers made by FTH at her visit last week.  She told the nurse that I volunteer with FTH and the nurse asked her to pass along how much they appreciate the donations from FTH.  The office has a large display of all the things made by FTH for patients to choose from. B.S.” April 8, 2023


“Hello! I just wanted to say Thank you for the work you do to make the lives of others a little bit easier. I received a pocket for my scooter from the Lake of the Woods Lions Club and it has helped so much, thank you again! C.C.” April 5, 2023

“Just received several shawls, delivered by Cathy C. (in the Southside area). We will be distributing to residents throughout our facility. I’m sure the shawls will bring warmth, comfort & joy as they see/feel the soft, colorful stitches. We look forward to seeing more of the shawls as well as wheelchair lap covers or even wheelchair or walker bags. https://www.laketaylor.org/help-support-us/volunteer-services/ ” March 16, 2023


“I was receiving chemotherapy at St. Mary’s Infusion Center on Thursday when a nurse came around with a huge bag of hats your group knitted. I chose a colorful one and want to thank you for such beautiful, loving work. I haven’t lost all my hair but it has greatly thinned and I will wear the hat and think of all of you. Thanks so much!!!! S.M.” March 3, 2023


“I just received your very thoughtful and generous pre-op gifts of pillows and drainage pod holders through Sarah Cannon and wanted to let you know how much they are appreciated. Not only were they a fun treat but a sweet heartwarming act that made me know there are people like you out there giving back. Bless you, dear stitching angels. I will use your gifts feeling your love. A.M.M.” Feb. 24, 2023


“Dear from the Heart Stitchers, Thank you for your time, generosity, and hard work. Your donation of 8 blankets, 1 baby doll, 6 fidget blankets and 8 fidget boxes have all been put to good use. Our residents love them? Thank you and happy holidays.” The Virginia Home


“Thank you so much for all of your hard work. The hats and scarves are beautiful. These will be such a blessing to our guests.” Moments of Hope Outreach


“Dear Friends at From the Heart Stitchers – Thank you all for taking us on as a new location for your beautiful and generous donations. Our Hospice patients and their families can feel your love! Warm Regards, Christine – Serenity First Hospice Care”


“RVA Light was thrilled to get all the wonderful warm hats and scarves for their neighbors. EVERYONE loves them and appreciates all your kindness from the heart! Martha C. RVA Light”


“Dear From the Heart” – We continue to be blessed by the work of your hands. Thank you for the gift of the baby blankets. As you know, we will get these to babies/toddles that are in need of them. Fondly, Vessels of Mercy.”


“Dear From the Heart Stitchers, Thank you so much for your wonderful assortment of prayer shawls, baby blankets and baby caps. Your lovely handwork provides comfort and support to patients when they need it the most. We appreciate your creativity and time in the service of our patients here at St. Francis Medical Center. With thanks, St. Francis Volunteer Services Karen D. & Tracy T.”


“Just a note of thanks for what you do. I was diagnosed with breast cancer recently and your pillows have really helped me stay comfortable. Again thank you” Vicky S.

“I just wanted to say, “Thank you” for your kindness. I have been using a small pillow and neck pouches made by your crafters since my breast surgery and they have been wonderful! I appreciate it so much.” Beth R.

“Thank you for your hard work and generosity! I really appreciated having the pouches for the drainage tubes. It was so very helpful and made things convenient for me to get to.” Lori O’K

 “I had two surgeries this week at John Randolph Hospital in Hopewell. One of them involved getting a marker clip removed from my breast because it itched me every day since my biopsy years ago. I never had cancer. After getting a wire placed in my breast in the mammography department, a nurse laid a crocheted blanket on my lap. I thought she was giving me extra warmth but it made me feel good. In pre-op, a nurse told me how pretty it was and that she was putting it in my locker. I didn’t know until then that it was mine to keep. It really touched my heart and I immediately received an overwhelming feeling to pray for the hands of the person that made my beautiful lap blanket. My mom has Multiple Myeloma and my husband was healed of termininal brain cancer last year. He still takes chemo pills, as well as my mom. She also has monthly treatments. It made me think that I should start making care packages for the patients I see in Stony Point when I take my mom to her treatments. I looked up your group because I wanted to thank y’all for what you do. God bless you!!!” Regina P.

This is Jan G, Wildlife Rehabilitor here in New Kent. Laura delivered a whole bag of Nests to us yesterday. They are so beautiful and the animals are already using them. It is baby season, so we really need them. Thank you so much for all of them. There are several of us in the Rehab group, and I will share them with everyone. The Wildlife says thank you so much!!”

“Just wanted to thank everyone who worked on the red, white, and blue blanket that my husband received at his Honor Ceremony. It was presented to him by Beth Clifton of Hospice. It will be a comfort to us while he transitions and a great reminder of the wonderful, thoughtful people in the world. Thank you again!” Janet O.

“Thank you for the wonderful work you do for breast cancer patients. Having just had breast surgery it was so nice to receive the colorful drain bags. Makes me smile each time I use them, and so heartwarming to know that they are made with love. Once I have recovered I will reach out to see how I can volunteer. Thank you for caring.” Susan N.

“Thanks so much for the special septapod that was made! (Octopus with 7 legs). We named him Hank and love him. He was given to my child at St Mary’s Pediatric Hospital. To her he’s just a cool toy, she’s 3. To me it’s people caring about the amazing different their work can have on the lives of others.

Some backstory on why he’s named Hank. The movie Finding Nemo, has a sequel Finding Dori and in that movie there’s a character named Hank. He’s a septapod. It’s referenced in the movie, that he only has 7 tentacles. The movie creators revealed in bonus cuts that the reason was that the animation of an octopus got exponentially more difficult with each leg they added. So they stopped at 7. That’s the story of why we absolutely love our septapod Hank. I’m certain most people would never have noticed his missing leg– in the movie or in our special Hank. But I absolutely love it!!” Meredith J

I had my yearly check up with Dr. Pellicane and the nurse gave me the knit prosthetics that your gro’tup makes, The DD prosthetics were so heavy I never wanted to wear them.
Now I love putting on the bra and even getting weighed at the Dr. office it doesn’t add 10 pounds to my weight!
Thank you so much for you kindness and all of the good work you do.
M. K. M.

‘I just received a donation from Powhatan animal control that had the tags from your organization on it. I rehabilitate wildlife primarily fawns, the donation that animal control passed onto me made my eyes swell up with tears! I am so very thankful for your generosity to them that was passed on to me!!! I don’t have the words to thank everyone of you enough!!’ Holly W

“Thank you for the beautiful hat that we picked from the basket at Tanya’s treatment at VA CANCER INSTITUTE today! She loved it!”

“I just wanted to write and say that I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the contributions you all make. I went in for my second surgery on Monday for breast cancer and was presented with one of your bags to wear around my neck and assist with managing my drain. It made my heart happy to see the little tag on the bag. My mother is an avid quilter and her group donates blankets to the Children’s Hospital. So Receiving this little token during my journey spoke to my heart. Thank you for all you do! Your love is felt deep and wide. 💗💗💗” Crystal

“My DIL came home today after having their baby in St Mary’s ) I saw the beautiful thoughtful crochet blanket and cap. So talented and a wonderful way to show love to my children and our first grand baby – a grand daughter! Thank you so very much for sharing your talent and love with us !” Joyce B ( Erika B – DIL)

“I received a package with a blanket, 2 hats and a stuffed heart for my baby with a heart defect. you don’t know how much this means to me. I was having a bad day as they pushed her surgery from Friday to Monday. but then I received this package and my heart is so full. thank you! thank you!” Brandi B

“I got my “first timer’s” bag today with my first round of chemo at Virginia Cancer Institute in Petersburg. A long time RN, words fail me now but know how WONDERFUL your gifts made me feel! To know that perfect strangers care enough to reach out to help me during a rather tough time is just awe inspiring.
I have had surgery for colon cancer then 4 years later breast cancer. An X-Ray after port placement showed a lung mass which turned out to be metastasis from my colon cancer. That was removed along with a lung lobe last month. Sooo glad my sister gave me a Marlboro for my one and only taste of a cigarette while we were in high school.Our dad died of lung cancer from smoking at 64. Mom died at 50 from emphysema from smoking.
God has blessed me with a positive spirit and I know he’s sending me places where I can share His love. Today was a big step and I thank you all so much for helping get through it. I will never forget it”
Lynn N
North Prince George, Virginia

“My name is Jessica and I’m an ambulance driver at LifeCare Medical Transports in Northern Virginia. I just wanted to reach out and thank you all at your organization for the hand made items gifted to us! We are all very grateful for the warm items so generously given to us and our patients by you. Thank you for everything you do.
Deeply appreciated,”

“I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my


I started my chemo treatments today @ VCI & when l got into the fusion room Morgan showed me your bag full of the most beautiful & thoughtful gifts!! It brought tears & comfort knowing there are caring angels in this world making our cancer journey better. Thank you so much! LOVE, KAY”

“A heartfelt thank you for the reminder there are so many more kind people in the world than bad. As I had my second chemo treatment yesterday at VCU stony point , I saw your basket of hats. My newly bald head in this frigid weather still takes some getting used to. I picked up a gray one “ made by Pat” and is was like a head hug. Thank you dear generous volunteers. Your love gives me joy and strength. Love to all. Sulu .” I posted on Instagram uhoosulu

“Hello, I wanted to thank you for the work that you do. My mother was at MCV in October 2020 after suffering from a severe stroke. One of the chaplains wrapped my mother in one of your beautiful quilts to keep her warm and to bring a touch of comfort to the situation. This little gift is appreciated by me and I cherish it due to her passing. Again, thank you for all that you do and those that you touch with your work.” Patrick

“My wife just received several of your “ action blankets” , for lack of a more descriptive term.
She is in hospice in her 7th year battling Altzheimer’s. She finds them comforting , loves the round objects especially, not sure why as she seems to want to eat them .
Thank you for your assistance in making difficult frustrating days just a little bit better. If she loves the blankets I love them as well
May your volunteer work on behalf of the infirmed and those in need be truly blessed in each and every heart of those who participate

Neal T , Care Giver for Sharon ( age 77)”

“On behalf of all the animals of the City of Richmond, thank you for visiting Richmond Animal Care and Control (RACC) on December 11, 2020, and donating from the heart stickers!  We are so grateful for your support of our efforts to better and save the lives of RACC’s vulnerable animals.

With Heartfelt Thanks, The RACC Foundation”

“Thank you for visiting Richmond Animal Care and Control (RACC) again on December 20, 2020, and donating blankets, hats and scarves for our drive for supplies to benefit Adult Protective Services (APS).    RACC & APS often work side by side to better the lives of at-risk animals and adults in our community.  Unfortunately, during this unprecedented challenging time, APS has an increased need for supplies.  Thank you, too, for your prior support of RACC.  Your caring help makes a difference in the lives of Richmond’s vulnerable adults and animals. 

With Heartfelt Thanks, The RACC Foundation”

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the afghan that was placed at the foot of my mom’s bed at MCV (palliative care unit) as she was transitioning from Covid to the next chapter in her life. Being that we couldn’t be with her, the afghan made it feel like home for her. It brought tears to my eyes as we said our good byes through the door window. I will forever treasure this afghan for it comforted her at the end and now me. Thanks for all that you are doing to help others like my mom. I wish I could knit or crochet – my mom tried teaching me several times.
With love,

“Good afternoon!  The staff and volunteers at the Welborne Community Food Pantry want to thank you all so very much for the wonderful  and generous donations of hats and scarves. You all do such beautiful work and we know there will be so many children who will return to school warm this season. We are grateful for your time and effort you have put into this project!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“Thank you all for the beautiful and creative masks you delivered to Davita Hioaks. We can certainly utilize them and our team really appreciate your kindness”

“Hi, My name is Tammy H. and I’m a veteran. I was at the VA clinic in Fredericksburg last week and we had to evacuate the building twice. It was cold and I only had a sweatshirt. I received one of your blankets (signed by Sandy) to keep me warm. I just wanted to personally thank your organization for what you do. Everyone who received a blanket was surprised and very grateful. Thank you!”

“Thank you for the drain pouch! I received it during my class at Sarah Cannon at my mastectomy class. It has really been a blessing since my surgery Monday so I wanted to reach out and thank your group.” Kristin

“We just wanted to thank all you wonderful, generous, people for the 45 clothing protector bibs. We took them to a local care facility that isn’t well funded, and they were noticeably and verbally grateful. The colors, and obvious care that goes into each piece makes them carry the feeling of love into needy hearts. Thank you for all the light you bring into the world with your service to humanity!”

“I just wanted to thank you for the pillow my nurse gave me at VCU Hospital/ Dalton Clinic yesterday — I was telling her how the port on my chest was still sensitive and she gave me your little pillow to wrap around my seat belt so it wouldn’t rub up against it. Your organization is a true blessing — thank you for everything you do to help patients feel better. Every little thing makes a difference!” Maggie

“Thank you for the small pillow for my arm and the soft one that goes under the seatbelt. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness!” Theresa

“I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I am currently receiving infusions at the Hematology/Oncology Clinic in Fredericksburg, VA. I have lost my hair and I cannot thank everyone enough for the beautiful knitted caps donated to the Center. Again, thank you so much!” Joan

“Just wanted to say “thank you” to a wonder group of ladies.
My father, Julius Bland, was honored with one of your beautiful red, white and blue blankets on Friday, March 22nd when Beth Clifton with Aseracare Hospice gave it to him at the same time Fort Lee sergeants did their Honor Salute. You are special to use your time and talents to make others feel special and comfortable.” Donna
“P. S. (My father passed away yesterday, 3-26-19)”

“We recently adopted a beautiful Maine Coon cat from the Henrico Animal Welfare department in Glen Allen, VA. We had zero supplies to start our adventure. What a lovely surprise when the attendant showed us the precious blanket that had been stitched with love by a From the Heart volunteer. Thanks so much to your wonderful volunteers for making such a warm gift for our precious kitty cat. She loves it to this day!!! We will treasure it always.” Deborah

“Hello. The WIC office in Caroline Co. VA gave me a blanket and 2 hats that you have made. I wanted to say thank you so much for these gifts. The blanket and hats are so soft and keep my baby girl nice and warm. God Bless yall for doing this. Thank you again so much!” Amy L.

“Our daughter was born in October 2018 at Johnston-Willis. We received a beautiful blanket from your organization. We wanted to thank you! It’ll be a wonderful reminder of her birth for years to come.” Shannon S.

“Thank you so much for the drain bags and the small pillow! I received them when I attended a pre-surgery class for breast cancer patients at the Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at HDH – Forest. I had surgery about seven weeks ago and the drain bags were such a help during those first two difficult weeks. The pillow has been and continues to be helpful in many ways. I still use it in the car as a cushion between the seatbelt and me, making for a much more comfortable ride. You have certainly blessed me and countless others in this ministry, and I am so grateful!” Ann Wren

“Thanks so much for the blanket that you gave to my husband during the last days of his life. It was a comfort to me and Dudley. It meant so much to me.” Margaret Eads

“Thank you so much for your donation of toys to the VA! Our son spends long days with my husband and I while seeing doctors, and it brought a smile to all of our faces! Thank you for remembering the children of veterans.” Megan Gamble

“Thank you for this beautiful crocheted darling little blanket! It’s perfect and I love it! I’m in a hospital in Hanover, Virginia. Getting this gift was so precious to me! You’ve inspired me as am artist, to paint small happy paintings to give to patients once I am well. Thank you all and May God awesomely bless you!” Peggy Edwards

“Hello, Today I visited the St. Vincent Baby Closet in Fredericksburg, VA. It’s been a very hard few months and they helped us with diapers, wipes, and formula for our 4-month-old baby boy.

We also received one of your beautiful baby blankets. It is absolutely gorgeous, my husband and I cried in the parking lot. It made us feel like someone really cares. The symbol of warmth, and safety was a precious and beautiful gift!

Thank you very much, from the bottom of our hearts. Your team lifted our spirits and gave us a renewed sense of joy!” Alvanni Bernardo

“What a lovely thing for you to do…I received the heartstitcher’s lavender flower print seatbelt protector pillow at an appointment at the Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute last week. I begin radiation treatments tomorrow and will be using the pillow during and after the treatments. Your thoughtfulness is appreciated so much! May God bless you. Thank you,” Mollie

“I just wanted to thank “From the heart stitchers” for the beautiful throw you made and presented to my mother (Carrie) when she was in palliative care at MCV. It was so bright & beautiful and had her favorite colors! Yellow & green! It certainly brightened her hospital room as well as her bedroom when we took her home. My mother passed away just a few days after going home but I will always remember the beautiful smile you brought to her face in the hospital. What a loving, sweet gesture! Reading your testimonials brought tears to my eyes! May God bless each of you greatly!” Michelle

“Just wanted to thank you for the lovely pillow I received that was stitched by your group. I recently attended a pre-surgery class at the Sarah Cannon Institute and was given a lovely pillow at the end of the class. Thank you for taking the time to do this for those of us going through cancer. It is most appreciated.” Vicki

“My special needs son received a beautiful snuggle blanket from one of your donors. He adores it and it is his favorite blanket. Thank you for your generosity and thoughtfulness.” Tamara

 We would like to thank you for the beautiful quilt Donna made for our son Matt. It is the perfect lap quilt when he is sitting in his wheelchair or on the couch! Do you have an email address I can send a picture of his huge smile using the beautiful quilt. We go to the Children’s VCU Therapy Center in Fredericksburg. It was a rainy day when we got the quilt and it definitively brightened our day. Thank you all for your hard work and thank you Donna for your beautiful quilt. It makes Matt smile every time he uses it. – Sharon

I would like to thank you so much for the beautiful handmade quilt I received from VCI in Mechanicsville. It made my day to receive such an incredible gift made with so much love. I will use it at my infusions and I wish all of you a very Happy New Year. May God bless you all!  Your group is amazing and I will forever cherish my quilt and know that it was handmade with love.  May God bless you and all the members who showed so much kindness to the patients at VCI. Happy New Year! – Connie

I am a patient undergoing in hospital chemo for non-hodgkins lymphoma at Johnston Willis Hospital on my fifth of six five day sessions before I finish. On the 9th of December the nurse leader gave out some of your knit caps and I was lucky enough to receive one. A beautiful red and dark blue striped one. Very comfortable. I wear it with pride. The nurses say I look good in it. I am very touched by this thoughtful hand stitched article of clothing. It keeps my bald head quite warm. Thank you so very much. I think of the loving hands of someone who made this and it chokes me up with joy and gratitude. Please know these caps and blankets are loved. Merry Christmas! – Alfred

I just received fingerless gloves from Avalon in Williamsburg from your organization. They are beautiful and match what I wear! I know God meant them for me. God bless you for sharing your talents with our community!!! – Gennifer

I am a patient at the St. Francis Hospital Infusion Center and I want to thank you for the beautiful blanket and hat you provided for cancer patients.  They were greatly appreciated. I think of your kindness and thoughtful spirit every time I use them. Fondly, Fran

I am a cancer patient of Hematology – Oncology Associates of Fredericksburg. I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful, well constructed hat and especially the love from your heart it was sent with. I appreciate every stitch that went into it! Just knowing that someone (Marti the name on the back of the tag), would devote her time to this cause makes me smile. It is a wonderful way to support those of us that are fighting the battle. I appreciate each one of you! Thank you!!! Sent with love from my heart, Terry

I just wanted to let you know that it meant so much to my two year old daughter, Charleigh, to receive a cute bear today after her ear tube surgery. We brought a stuffed animal from home, but when we got back to recovery to see her she was so excited to show us her new bear. She named her Rosie and has been snuggling with her all day. It is so thoughtful of you to donate these treasures for patients to feel more at ease. Thank you again so much for bringing such a smile to our daughter’s face! The Nowakowski Family

I want to thank you all so much for what you invest your time into and a special thanks to Joan who knitted the lovely cap and blanket I received at the doctors office for my baby girl arriving in July! It means so much to have something handmade with so much thought and love. Cassandra

My dad started his chemo last week. I am so grateful for what you do. His beautifully patterned pillow helps his neck during his 7hr treatments as well as gives him visual comfort. My mom has also had a difficult time with Dads cancer (married 64 years!!) and your pillows and beanies make her smile. THANK YOU! Maryanne, Loui’s daughter 🙂

Birthright volunteers and their clients are so appreciative of the beautifully stitched baby blankets, hats, scarves, sweaters, and very imaginative baby outfits that are delivered continually to our office in Fredericksburg from you.   We are so very thankful to have this endless supply of lovingly knitted gifts to show how valued so many feel about mother and child.  Thank you for your unwavering support in helping to save babies.  You make a difference.

I want to thank your wonderful organization of the cap I picked up at my oncologist’s office. I’ve had a recurrence of my pancreatic cancer and am undergoing chemo. This time the drugs have caused my hair to fall out and the cap keeps my head warm during these cold winter days in Virginia. Please thank Bob – THM for the cap. Harold

My mom just got one of small blankets it beautiful.  She just had a pacemaker put in and was cold from the ice pack. Since she has had the blanket on she has not said she was cold. Thanks so very much!

Hello From the Heart, Just wanted to say thank you so much for the blanket I received when my Mom made her transition in 2014, well, there’s been a lot going on since then, but I kept the card that came with it, so that, I would one day sit down and breathe and write a thank you note. I have it sitting on a rocking chair in my den, so that, everyday I have something cheery to remind me of my Mom.  Thank you all so much for the time you take and the dedication you all have to provide these blankets they are a true comfort and so appreciated. Sabrina

Thank-you for my cute chemo cap!  Since my alter-ego is Goldilocks, it has been important to find just the right one to wear each day.  Not too loose, not too tight, not too warm, not too cool. And of course lots of pretty colors and just the right softness. Thank-you for making this part of the journey better.  I feel the warmth and love in every stitch!  Kathy

Thank you so much for the very special blankets made especially for my daughter, Debra, who lives in Fredericksburg, just completed 6 weeks of  Radiation for early stage Breast Cancer and myself, with only two more Chemo treatments to go. We had just returned home from having Chemo, when our dear friend, Jackie Jones came delivering these beautiful, soft warm blankets, (which had been delivered to her on Monday night in the pouring rain) coming from across town, now that is truly from a caring, loving and giving heart! I will have another Chemo Wednesday and one next Tuesday, be assured, my blanket will cover me from “shoulder to feet, keeping me comfy and warm, since it is a little chilly there for me. I can’t thank you enough for all you do for so many, which included my daughter and me. Your kindness and thoughtfulness goes beyond words of gratitude. Thanks for making me feel so special during this difficult time. May the Lord continue to richly bless you and your wonderful  ministry. Agnes T.  N. Chesterfield

I just want to send all of you a thank you for drain bags you donated to VCU Massey. They were most helpful during my latest Cancer bout. Thank you again. Kathy

My mother, Edna, is 99 years old, weighs about 98 pounds, and is a patient at Patriots Colony on Rte. 5 in James City County near Williamsburg.  She is almost always cold.  After a fall and broken femur and surgery in December, she is now confined to a wheel chair.  One day last week I walked into her room to see her covered in a colorful, warm, crocheted blanket which was large enough to cover her from the waist down.  Thank you so much!  It is one of the few happy things that has happened to her in the last month.  And to me!  It really cheered us up.  What a wonderful mission you have.  We are so fortunate to benefit from your talents and commitment to others.  Thank you.  Cathie

The members of your stitching group truly are angels. We had another club generously donate coats for our students and THANKS to your club we were able to match up hats & scarves & gloves to go with each coat. This is definitely a blessing for our students. Belinda, School Nurse

From the Heart Stitchers, Thank you so very much for the cap given to my husband at the Windsor Senior Living Home Christmas party. I was truly touched as we were always avid walkers no matter the weather.  He would always wear his Navy watch cap in cold weather.  That is what this cap reminded me of.  Thank you for fond memories. Sincerely, Fran

I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for sending my son,  daughter- in-law and twin grandsons the beautiful blankets, scarf, sweaters and hats. The boys didn’t have hats for the winter and now they do.  Thank you. You all have a great talent and a “mother’s touch”.  I do not have this gift as my mother did,  so it’s very dear to my heart. Ironically,  one of the stitchers in contact with me has the same name as my mother (she passed 4 years ago).  So this has been a blessing in more ways than one! May you continue your gift and blessing and may you get as many in return. Christie

Potomac Elementary School just received an overflowing bag of beautiful hats and scarves.  We so appreciate your club providing these for our students. Belinda

I want to thank you for the cap that you made for my son. He was diagnosed in April with a very rare form of cancer. He is only 19 and we are devastated. This past week, he was hospitalized at MCV for pain management. A volunteer stopped by to offer him some comfort. I was sure he would not want a cap, being a rather “cool” teenager. To my surprise, he took his time choosing just the right one. He wears it everyday and he loves it. It makes him feel better. Our lives have been turned upside down. It’s wonderful to have these small reminders of love. Thank you so much and may God bless you. Sincerely, Karen

Dear Heart Stitcher Members: I work at the Laurels of Bon Air. I just want to thank you so much for your creations. My kids are always cold and your kindness and creativity always warms them up. What a joy to know such love still exists in our world! The amazing gift enables bingo to go forward. They are always excited to see what style or color they could have if they call BINGO! This gift motivates many to come who would not otherwise. Thanks again for thinking of us and spreading your generosity. You DO make a difference in many lives! Laurels of Bon Air

I just wanted to thank you so much for all that you do. My mom was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy. The hospital stay was a little rough and quite impersonal. Her surgeon (she really likes her surgeon) gave her 2 drain holder pouches. My mom was very touched by your thoughtfulness and generosity – the fabric pattern was soft and gentle – little flowers that really made my mom feel better and cared for – Thank you – your kindness is truly appreciated!! Warmest regards, Deborah

My Blanket…I was so pleased to be offered a crocheted blanket while undergoing cancer treatment at MCV.  It has been wonderful to have, such a comfort.  Patients are so sensitive to temperature changes so I keep it at my side at all times.  Thank you so much for making these for us.  My blanket has blue, a gray border and highlights of red and yellow.  Everyone comments on it.  Thank you so much.  Marilyn

I have loved the scarves and hats available at Hematology and Oncology Assoc. of Fredericksburg.  They have helped me feel better and cheered me.  They have kept me warm and helped me feel more confident. The sleep hat I got helps with my side effects on my scalp at night.

You recently had heart pillows.  My nine year old has struggled these last couple of weeks with my cancer. I took to see where I get infusions to help her see it’s not so scary. She asked if she could pick out a pillow for me. I let her.  She carried it around all day yesterday. Today I took it to chemo and it was perfect for sleeping. My neck didn’t hurt and it was so comfy. Thank you for all your support.  Thanks for making both my daughter and I feel better! I feel like the song by Alabama… Angels Among Us.  I really appreciate all you do!!!!  Heather

Once again THANK YOU for the wonderful donation of hats, gloves, scarves & ear muffs.  The kids love all the bright colors!  Potomac Elementary really appreciates all your hard work to help our students stay warm! Belinda

My name is Kim, and I am currently a cancer patient at The Virginia Cancer Institute. I can’t tell you how much I have appreciated the selection of hats that have been available for me. I originally purchased a wig, but hated it and had to really figure out how to re-define my look during this cancer treatment. Your hats, in the variety of colors and patterns, have enabled me to feel cute and sassy and maintain a look of style during a very difficult time. I just want all the “stitchers” to know how much I appreciate their time, talent and donations! When I am finished with this hike in Cancerland, I’d like to learn to make these hats for future patients. The impact has been tremendous! Thank you and God Bless you all!! Kimberley

On behalf of our agency, Sussex County Department of Social Services, I extend a heartfelt “thank you” to each and every one of you! We have received numerous hats, scarves, blankets and baby caps from your organization which have been donated to children and their families within Sussex County. Individuals of all ages, from newborn to elderly, have been the lucky recipients of your generous gifts. We appreciate the thoughtfulness and creativity (the Minnie Mouse child’s hat was adorable!) that you put into each and every piece and the quality is outstanding! Again, we appreciate all of your hard work and dedication and hope that you all have a very Merry Christmas! Sincerely, Joy

Hello Ladies, Just want to thank you all for the beautiful crocheted blanket and quilt that I received to From the VFW in Fredericksburg. I couldn’t believe that I got this for free. I only had one other blanket at home for me and I was thrilled when my son told me about this event today. This is the first crocheted blank I ever had. I just love it all the colors and so soft. Thank you ladies for giving so much of your time to help others. Pauline

I had my first chemo almost 3 weeks ago, will have #2 next week. Angela, the chemo nurse, surprised my with the cart with all the wonderful things you’all have made for so many people undergoing treatment. I brought home a wonderful little green pillow for protect my portacath from the  seat belt harness. It has made traveling so much easier. I also received a beautiful lap rug. Showed it to my daughter who knits so she can make some and donate them also. Thank you again so much. It’s wonderful finding caring strangers who do things like this for other strangers. Sue

Thank you for all you all have knitted. My name is Carol. This is my 5th bout with cancer. I have had breast cancer 3 times and lung cancer twice. This time it is not operable. I was at the wig shop today in North Hospital. I chose 3 of your knitted hats. So cute on. I don’t knit so I appreciate these evenmore. Thank you for supporting all of us in the Cancer Center. It makes having a pretty knitted hat on your head all the more bearable. So warm too. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Carol D.

I was discharged yesterday after undergoing a double mastectomy. As I dressed to go home, I was wondering what to do with the drain bulbs. What a marvelous surprise when a nurse came into my room and presented me with two little shoulder pouches for my drains! Problem solved! Thank you so much for this kind gesture! Natalie

My mom received a beautiful afghan while in Palliative Care at VCU.  You truly are angels and bring comfort to those in need.  It will be cherished long after she has passed on.  Thank you! Toni

I deliver meals for the elderly in King George through the Rappohanock Area Office of Aging.  I handed out your hats, scarves and lap blankets to many in our area.  One man in particular, John, was extremely thankful for your time and thoughtfulness put into a gift for someone you didn’t even know. So on his behalf, and others, thank you so much for your time and warmth. Jessica

Today was my first day of chemo in Fredericksburg. I was able to pick out 2 beautiful hats and a scarf 🙂 I love them! Just wanted to thank you for doing such a wonder and thoughtful thing for strangers that are dealing with a life altering illness. I would like to thank a Mary B. and a Marti F. Just beautiful work and I will be very proud to wear over my bald head  🙂 Libby

Dear all at From the Heart Stitchers, I’m writing to thank you for the beautiful little pillow I was given to ride home (1 1/5 hours) after my bilateral mastectomies.  It provided more than physical comfort!  I have been riding with that pillow long after I needed it:  Just looking at gave me tremendous reassurance that someone cared deeply.  It has been like a new security blanket!  I love looking at the beautiful calico, turning it around, and inside out, and treasuring that someone made this.  The tag has never come off, and I hope never will. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Karen

I received a beautiful blanket today while having my Chemo treatment at SP Massey. The time, thought and love has brought a ray of sunshine into my life. When people whom you do not even know take this much time to care it’s hard to describe with words. Thank you, Janet

I am in chemo treatment at VCI and appreciate the beautiful hat I picked up yesterday! Thank you for the kindness you angels show. Ann

Thank you all so much for your precious and the priceless time that you all have put into making these beautiful garments for all that are in need of them. My mom has surely enjoyed every one of the handmade hats and scarves. All the love that you all put in to each stitch is so appreciated by us all. Again, thank you all so much and I pray that the Lord continues to bless you all and your ministry… XOXO Sonja

Thank you so much for your wonderful ministry!  My mother is in her second round of chemotherapy and now has two of your handmade caps that she is enjoying.  She and the others of us in our family appreciate the time, effort, and love spent to help people like my mother during challenging, uncertain times.  Special thanks to Carol and Mary Carol! Karen

Thank you for the beautiful hats and scarves that you have given to our students.  They were so very happy to receive such beautiful gifts.  Below you will find some photos taken of just how happy you made our students. Kimberly – Communities In Schools of Chesterfield

I am receiving chemotherapy treatment at Virginia Cancer Institute. I have 5-6 of your hats (so far), and I am enjoying them a lot; they are so nice it’s hard not to be greedy and take more than I actually need just because they’re so pretty.  I do needlework myself, and my mother was a knitter, so I appreciate all the work that goes into making them, and I love having the opportunity to have hand-made items to wear (and, I’ll admit it!) fondle. Thank you for everything you do.  Before this happened to me, I never realized how important the kindness of strangers can be, but it really does make me feel good to think that someone made these items for a stranger. I am sure to let everyone who compliments me on them where they come from! Thank you, Mary

A big thank you to all of the “From the Heart” volunteers! I had a mastectomy yesterday at Johnston Willis Hospital, and was given one of your drain pouches (pretty blue gingham) when I left today. Going home with the drain was made a little easier by your gift, and it has already been such a big help to me as I begin my recovery. Thanks again for all you do for our community! Cathy

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank all of you for your gifts of love and comfort. I have gotten a shawl when I visited the hospital for some tests and became overwhelmingly cold. What a comfort! When I had my mastectomy I was given a pillow to use under my seatbelt and what a blessing! The first day of my chemotherapy I didn’t think ‘naturally hot me’ would need anything. I was chilled and was given a beautiful afghan and matching hat. I didn’t need the hat at the time as I had my own hair. But my second round is coming up and there will be a chill in the air just getting there. I will need my hat this time! Thank you all so much for the comfort you give all of us who are in need of a helping hand! You make an enormous difference in cancer patients lives. Not only mine. Bless every one of you! I don’t need to sign this as YOU are the honorees!

My son will be a year next week and to this day I think of the Heart Stitchers and the joy they brought my husband and I. I had to go into the hospital when I was only 32 weeks pregnant and a few days later a cart was wheeled into my room with a small stack of hand knitted blankets. The nice lady asked if I would like one as she showed me what she had. I remember giving her this look like “what do you mean” when she began to explain why I was being offered a blanket. I gratefully picked out a beautiful small blue blanket. …about a week or so later, my son was delivered during an emergency c-section. He was 3.5 lbs, 15 in but otherwise healthy. During his time in the NICU he was given a beautiful blue hat to keep his oh-so tiny head warm. He spent 26 days in the hospital before being able to come home. To this day I think about the love that went into the items we received in the hospital made by the Heart Stitchers. Every night, my son sleeps with the blanket I was given. I can picture it in pieces years down the road from the love it’s given! And I still have the small blue (and even a green) hat which is proudly displayed in a shadow box. I wanted to send a note to say THANK YOU for the gifts you gave us. It wasn’t just that we received a blanket and hat, but that someone wanted my new, small family to know that we were not alone during the time my son spent in the hospital. We were being thought of, and for that we are very thankful. The picture is my son just under a week old while in the NICU, and the other picture was taken recently!
Please pass along a heartfelt thank you to all of your Stitchers from the bottom of my family’s hearts! Many thanks, Jenna

Thank you so much for designing and stitching the drain bags provided to me following my bilateral mastectomy. It was a challenge to not get tangled in the cords, and the drain bags helped immensely with confidence in negotiating draining the tubes, dressing and showers. I really do appreciate the help. I talked to multiple people before surgery to anticipate what was needed and how to cope, so I knew that a camisole with drain pockets would be provided, but that drain bag was the best! The doctor gave me two, so I could just keep one on in the shower and then put a dry one on when I got out of the shower and got dressed. Thank you to all the unknown volunteers who helped me through this surgery. Harriet

My brother loved his blanket from you guys. He was pleasantly surprised and made him smile real BIG. He has struggled since Christmas Eve with one illness after another. This really brightened his day and lifted his outlook. He has really been discouraged. Love you guys. So wonderful of you…Jackie

I was at a consignment shop the other day in Williamsburg, VA and I came across this beautiful crocheted purple blanket.  I fell in love with it!  It had one of your tags pinned to it and I thought I would swing by your website and thank you for making such beautiful and wonderful gifts for those in need.  My husband and I are expecting a little girl in October, so this is her first piece for her little nursery.  And it fits perfectly 🙂  Thanks again for all that you do and all your time involved in your community. Sincerely, Melissa

I really appreciate what all of you have done to help me deal with my cancer, from having nice caps to make me feel good about myself to having a cool drink and snack offered to me at Stony Point. Sincerely, Eve

Thank you so much for the beautiful blanket you made for me during my illness. I had never heard of “From the Heart Stitchers” until by gift arrived by mail. Volunteers like you are the heartbeat, the hope, and the love of this society. It shows that there are still wonderful and thoughtful people in the world. You are unsung heroes who are willing to share their time, talents, and energy. It is important to us, to let each of you know just how much you are appreciated. Thank you so much! Bessie (thanks from husband and daughter too – Jack and Jackie)

Dear From the Heart Stitchers – My heart is so full of joy because of you. Our son (14 months) had surgery last week at MCV. We were having a hard time keeping him happy and occupied as we waited for the Doctors. A nurse came out with a Teddy Bear and Blanket that you had given for just these occasions. He was immediately attached to the bear. It went to surgery with him and he was holding it when we saw him in recovery (4hrs later). There is no way to express our gratitude over this gift. It gave our little one peace and showed my husband and I that people who don’t even know us, care for us! Thank you for being such a blessing in our lives. Sincerely, Lisa W.

Hello! I had my little boy on February 2nd this year and FINALLY have time to thank you for your wonderful gift!  His first hat that will be cherished forever, was sooooo cute and made by your company.  I just thought that was the sweetest thing to welcome him into this world with a homemade hat.  It looks like you have a WONDERFUL company that brings happiness to many.  We just wanted to personally thank you for making something special for our newborn baby! May God bless you, Lisa

My husband and I want to thank-you for the beautiful handmade blanket that someone lovingly spent their time making.  It warms him when he is not feeling well from the chemotherapy, but also provides us with a much needed boost in spirit as he is awaiting the bone marrow transplant.  It is comforting to know that a person who does not know us would take the time to share their talent.  Thank-you so much.  We will cherish it always. Heidi

Recently we, “Prevent A Litter Veterinary Hospital”, began receiving crocheted cozies from your organization. All of us here at P.A.L., human & animal alike, could not be more thrilled. Oh I can’t tell you how much the little kitties love “making biscuits” on them! P.A.L. is a non-profit spay/neuter clinic, so all of our kids are coming in for surgery. It is so nice for the furry kids to have a warm, soft cozie to wake up to. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Sincerely, Victoria Fenwick – Clinic Manager, “Prevent A Litter”

I have sent a thank you note to “From The Heart” by Martha Wood to be given to the volunteers. I would like for you to know that my mother was in the impatient hospice unit at Retreat Hospital after suffering a stroke….she couldn’t talk, eat or drink. I stayed by her side for over 2 and 1/2 weeks, day and night, in a chair by her bed. One morning I woke up, and in a chair was a beautiful knitted lap afghan. At first I thought it belonged to someone else and ended up in the wrong room, but when I picked it up I found the attached “From the Heart” card, and realized it was for us. I can’t tell you the heart touched feeling it gave me. It was like angels had flown in during the night and left behind their wings to wrap around us through this difficult time. I am so touched that you take the time, money, and hard work into making these for people that you don’t even know. I will forever be grateful. God Bless All of You …Sandra, daughter of Madge

Please accept my apologies for this long overdue thank you. I can’t tell you how much it meant to us to receive one of your beautiful baby blankets when our son ended up in the NICU at Henrico Doctors Hospital after his birth on October 16, 2009. We were far from home and during the days of missing our daughter at home, my roller coaster hormones, hours by his bedside, and many many tears, it was such a pleasant surprise to walk in one morning and see him snuggled with the blanket,and to find out it was ours to keep! Fast forward nine months and 25 pounds later and our little chubby bubby is a smiling, adorable, bouncing baby boy. The memories of the NICU are never far from our mind, however, neither are the people that made that time bearable …wonderful people like you. You make a difference. Our blanket has a permanent spot on his crib still today, and I imagine it will be something near and dear to my heart for years to come. Sincerely, – Chad & Lynne

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the drain bag holder. I’d been wondering how on earth I would manage the drain from my mastectomy after I left the hospital. Then my nurse gave me the colorful little holder that was perfect for the job, and I was thrilled. But even more important than the practical aspect was the incredibly comforting knowledge that somewhere out there, people I didn’t even know cared enough to help. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. – Ruth

Hi there from Richmond Animal Care and Control. As a team we want to thank you so much for the regular deliveries of beautiful blankets for the animals here. They are currently lining almost every cat and kitten dwelling here at 1600 Chamberlayne Avenue, and some of our puppy dwellings too! Our guests are always impressed and our staff loves being able to provide the softest bedding for our animals in need. Thanks again and keep them coming! –Maria

Hello angels with knitted wings! I wanted to send an e-mail to the two addresses offered to let everyone in your knitting circle know how one of your recipients feels. I’ve never seen such lovely colors breathing a sunset into a day riddled with shades of gloom. Thank you for all you all produce, work on and provide. The soft yarns sometimes are the only gentle part of the day. One can’t say these things in person. Being yanked and prodded and turned and twisted leaves less dignity that a horse often gets in a well tended stable. The warmth and beauty the chemo blankets and fluffy scarfs and caps bring can’t be described other than to wear a sunset on a gloomy day. I hope you get to see and hear what comes of your huge sacrifice and love. To another day…

We wanted to take a moment and thank you for beautifully knitted cap our daughter received when she was born last month (November 2009).  It really touched us that you would use your talents and give the gift of love and time to our precious gift! Thank you again. Jill and Mark

I just wanted to let you know how very much I appreciate my drain bulb bag! I had my second breast cancer surgery with tram flap reconstruction on the 21st of September at St. Mary’s Hospital. I was so touched and grateful to receive this to wear home and hide my drain. I continued to wear it to doctor’s appointments and around the house while recuperating. Thank you so much for your kindness and compassion to those of us who need your help! May God bless you all and keep you happy and healthy! –Tammy of Glenn Allen,VA

Recently when my husband was cared for in the Palliative Care unit at MCV we received a beautiful knitted prayer blanket (afghan) that constantly reminded us of the love and care everyone was demonstrating. Steve passed away on July 20th but the blanket remains with us as a beautiful reminder of your efforts and generosity. Thank you so much. I know that you must hear those words a lot. Please know how deeply we appreciate it and how very much it means to our family. With great appreciation, Dottie

It made me feel good to receive the “bulb” bag holder on discharge from U. VA Hospital. So attractive and convenient. The satin ribbon strap adds softness and style. Thank you! Jeanette, Natural Bridge Station, VA

I received a prayer bulb bag holder and a prayer seat belt pillow upon discharge from my 2nd breast surgery; with auxiliary nodes removed this go around at UVA. Sounds like the pillow will come in handy when I get my chemo port too. Thank you for praying in advance and making these gifts available with prayer to boot. There is power in prayer. My pathology from this surgery came back clean, and I am recuperating extremely well from this go around. God is Good! Love in Christ, Cheryl from Waynesboro, VA

Just wanted to thank you so very much for the “comforting blanket” that was given to my brother who was in MCV hospital recently (March 2009). One of his daughters found much comfort in holding the blanket close to her heart as her father passed. She said that she will forever keep the blanket. Bless you for all your kindness. The Harrison Family

Less than two weeks ago I received a diagnosis of advanced breast cancer.  Today I had a “port” surgically implanted near my collarbone so I can begin chemotherapy.  The car seatbelt falls right across the port.  Our “Cancer Navigator” here in Fredericksburg gave me a small, thin pillow that’s perfect to place between the port and my seatbelt.  It really makes the seatbelt more comfortable and less painful.  The pillow was handmade and donated by your group and its really a blessing.  I’m sure I’ll use it every time I’m in the car for as long as I have this port (maybe up to a year). Although I don’t know the individual that made the pillow there’s no doubt it’s an angel.  Thank you for making my difficult journey a little easier.   Please pass along my gratitude.  God bless you all.   Vicki Taylor

Hi! I was the recipient of one of your wonderful gifts when my daughter was born in 2006. The time and love given to knitting the hat really moved me. Thank you! Ashley Rhodes

I’ve enjoyed getting to know all the wonderful people in this group. I’ve been knitting for from the heart since 8/05. In this time I’ve been able to learn new things and help others learn too. I’m so happy to have found this community. Everyone is so supportive of each other. Jackie P. in Henrico, VA

This is a wonderful way to use your God-given abilities…and benefit lots of people.  You’re giving a gift that will warm their body but also warm their heart…that’s really reflecting God’s love.  It’s great to see your organization growing so rapidly.  I’m going to tell my mother (who loves to knit) about your organization…I think she’d love to help.  Pat (Richmond, VA)

What an amazing thing you guys are doing! I have been involved in several organizations, but this one really comes “from the heart.” I admire you for the giving of your time, using your talents, and your energy… in helping so many. May God continue to bless each one of you. Jackie J.

I browsed your site, http://www.fromtheheartstitchers.org – I wanted to let you all know how one recipient’s day turned around to a lighthearted choice of which beautiful yarns and/or blankets would take care of a newly diagnosed mother with stage 3C ovarian cancer. The last 4 weeks have been jolting shock after shock. The weariness and fear left no room for sadness as a simple diagnosis of a cyst to keep a watch on, became an immediate surgery for ovarian cancer. I strolled into the Hawthorne Cancer Center looking for information on preparing for Chemo. It seemed so strange as I have been a volunteer there for 5 years. I have delivered wig choices and hats, caps and blankets to so many lovely people, male and female. Some were in the hospital at JW, some too weary to venture out, and as far away as MCV and the Hawthorne listing of groups always accompanied the love from yarns and soft materials so sorely needed when moments are filled with cold, colorless worries. So many ladies are surprised that they can don a free “$200” hairdo in only moments from one of the many shades of stylish wigs at the Hawthorne.

They are so gladdened when the fear of balding is replaced with sunrise and sunset colored hats of yarns so soft that you would think a lamb had directed the process. I have sent an e-mail or 2 about the impact your love for an unknown stranger has had on the people I have helped or watched select items from our free boutique at the Hawthorne Cancer Center. I have never had to select a hat or chemo blanket for my Mom until now. When my Dad was on dialysis, I got to see how much a warm, fuzzy, easy to handle blanket can mean. One that doesn’t drag the floor and get caught in wheels and one that is a happy color for all to be lifted by.

My Mom has a beautiful pink blanket to start her chemo with now and two of the most beautiful hats with incredible stitching to so admire. The Director of the Hawthorne, was so generous with her time as you all are with your hands and time and resources. I started to leave the Hawthorne after asking about Chemo Ports and she scooted me toward your hats and blankets. I knew I would bring Mom her favorite assorted groceries, a smile, and a warm, handmade polarfleece type blanket. It was the color of a beach sunrise along with two warm, soft hats for her soon to be balding head that would remind her of sunset and the ladies somewhere like Cinderella mice, knitting away, knitting away. Thank you for starting From The Heart. You all will always be my Cinderella mice! Love…a recipient of your kind labors.