Project Sizes

From the Heart Project Sizes

If sizes on our list of Current Needs differs from what is given below, please go with what is on the current needs list.

  •  Chemo Blankets 38” x 48”
  •  Blankets for Dialysis/Hospice/Palliative Care 42” x 48” (No fringe, no tie-ons)
  •  Wheelchair Blankets/Lap Blankets  approx 27″ x 36″ NO TIES!
  •  Newborn Blankets 36” to 40” sq.
  •  Shawls approx 30 X 45″
  •  Children’s Blankets (for clutching or draggin’) Up to 36” or 40” & not necessarily square
  •  Chemo Hats   Soft – not cotton as it is too scratchy. Medium and large sizes for both adults and children
  • Other Hats Small, medium, large for male and female, children and adult
  •  Squares   12 inches to be stitched together into blankets or used as wash cloths at Memory Care facilities (if 100% cotton).  Acrylic squares are used for “folding the laundry” at Memory Care facilities or are joined together to create larger blankets.
  •  Infant Hats  All infant hats need to fit over the 5″ Styrofoam ball at the workshop.  5″ diameter equates to about 16″ circumference.  Must be stretchy.
  •  Layette Sets Used as “take me home” outfits for newborns.
  •  Bears and Stuffed Toys   New bears from Dollar stores etc., dressed with knitted or crocheted outfits.  Given to sick, scared or needy children in ER, clinic, oncology, hospice and other areas. Please do not remove store/manufacturer tags from dolls or toys.