Project Sizes

From the Heart Project Sizes

  •  Chemo Blankets/Shawls 30” x 48”
  •  Lap Blankets for McGuire’s or nursing homes 27” X 36”
  •  Blankets for Hospice/Palliative Care 27” x 36” (No fringe, no tie-ons)
  •  Newborn Blankets 36” to 40” sq.
  •  Preemie Blankets 20 to 28” sq. (Please do not make Preemie Blankets unless you first ask Sandy, Lois, or Linda if they are currently needed.)
  •  Children’s Blankets (for clutching or draggin’) Up to 36” or 40” & not necessarily square.
  •  Bone Marrow Transplant Unit blankets Large and COLORFUL!  (Just enough to cover the top of twin bed, approximately 36” X 72”)
  • Dialysis Blankets must be 30-32″ wide and appropriately 60″ in length.  They can be knit, crochet, or felt but felt blankets must be finished or appropriately selvaged.
  •  Home Again (Battered Women and Children’s Shelter)  Large enough to wrap a small child in a cold, drafty house
  •  Chemo Hats   Small, medium and large sizes for both adults and children
  •  Squares   12 inches to be stitched together into blankets or used as wash cloths at Memory Care facilities (if 100% cotton).  Acrylic squares are used for “folding the laundry at Memory Care facilities or are joined together to create larger blankets.
  •  Infant Hats   No Preemies please.  All infant hats need to fit over the 5″ Styrofoam ball the the shop.  5″ diameter equates to about 16″ circumference.  Must be stretchy.
  •  Layette Sets Used as “take me home” outfits for newborns.
  •  Bears and Toys   New bears from Dollar stores etc., dressed with knitted or crocheted outfits.  Given to sick, scared or needy children in ER, clinic, oncology, hospice and other areas.