Current Projects

Richmond and Surrounding areas have a need for:

  • Knitted (no crochet) hats for men, requested by Liberation Family Services (hats do not need to be r/w/b. Any color is fine)
  • Baby hats (must fit over a 5” Styrofoam ball)
  • We do not have a need for purple blankets for Henrico Doctors any more at this point in time

Fredericksburg/King George has a need for:

  • All baby items
  • Hats and scarves

Please note, although we only list what appear to be knit and crochet items, all blankets can be of the fleece or quilted variety and we have a constant need of other sewn items, such as chemo underarm pillows, port pillows, drain bags, etc.

Please also note, if you make anything using yarn which contains wool, you should include a yarn label when you turn it in as the label contains care instructions.

Along the lines of “taking care” of your finished items, if you find you need to wash/dry or freshen up your item, please remember to only use unscented dryer sheets or, perhaps, a dryer ball.  The scented sheets leave an odor which some of our recipients may react to (those undergoing chemotherapy, for example.)

We make the current needs known to ‘keep you in the loop’, not to say that these are items you must make but to give you the opportunity to meet an immediate need should you want to do so. Please make whatever you enjoy making as we will find a home for it.

Click here for patterns from this month’s (July 2018) Newsletter

Project Sizes, Supplies and Ongoing Projects

Project Sizes

As always anything you want to make we can really use to help fill the bins in the shop and warm the hearts and bodies of those in need.

  • Chemo Hats for Guys and Boys
  • Socks for the Homeless – prefer white, non – Wool socks. Tube socks work well (no heels to deal with!)
  • Chemo Blankets/Shawls 30″ x 48″
  • Tie-ons blankets for Hospice/Palliative Care 27″ x 36″ (No fringe, w/72″ tie I-cord or single chain using double yarn)
  • Baby Blankets
    • As small as a 24 inch square up to as large as a 40 inch square
    • As small as a 24 inch rectangle up to as large as a 40 inch rectangle
  • Children’s blankets (for clutching or draggin’) 24″ sq up to 36″ or 40″ & not necessarily square
  • Bone Marrow Transplant Unit blankets Large and COLORFUL! (Just enough to cover the top of twin bed)
  • Home Again (Battered Women and Children’s Shelter) large enough to wrap a small child in cold, drafty house
  • Chemo Hats Small, medium and large sizes for both adults and children
  • SPCA rounds or squares 15-18 inches up to 3 feet to fit crates using leftovers of mixed yarn, wool, blends, cotton or acrylics
  • Squares 12 inches to be stitched together into blankets
  • Infant Hats Preemies- not too small, should fit a large orange. Must be stretchy. Full term newborn to fit a large grapefruit.
  • Layette Sets Used as “take me home” outfits for newborns.
  • Bears and Toys New bears from Dollar stores, dressed with knitted or crocheted outfits. Given to sick, scared or needy children in ER, clinic, oncology, hospice and other areas.