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Letter from Lois – November 2018

Are you a seamstress?  Do you know someone who is?  From the Heart desperately needs help sewing our little underarm pillows and drain tube bags.  These are simple to make, straight seam projects.

These items are valued greatly by breast cancer patients.  The pillows help comfort the user by cushioning their sensitive incision area.  The drain bags are used to support the collection ball attached to the incision drain during their first week or 10 days after surgery.  From the Heart likes to give two of these drain bags to each patient in order that they can use one while showering and still have a dry one waiting afterward.

At this time From the Heart is working with 6 hospitals in the Richmond and surrounding areas that are dealing with cancer.  We only have two seamstresses willing to help with this need.  These ladies have been sewing for us for many years.  Meanwhile, the number of breast cancer patients undergoing surgeries has increased dramatically…they need HELP!

So, if you are willing or know of someone who may be able to lend a hand with these projects, please let us know!

Patterns for theses items can be found on the pattern page of the website, under “Patterns, Sewing Patterns” at

Sewn Items for LfL