News/Letter from Lois

Letter from Lois – September 2018

Have you ever stitched a project using MOHAIR?   Neither had I!  It’s a fiber to which I’ve never been drawn but I am quickly learning to appreciate its value.

Just recently, with the very large mohair donation we received, I decided to give it a try.  I asked for help from someone who really knows her fibers and together we selected enough yarn to make two scarves and a hat.

This experience has taught me that it’s better to combine my mohair yarn with a second yarn.   Our second chosen yarn is a wool blend and with the nice fluffy mohair and, carrying two yarns as one (see this month’s tip), I was able to use a much larger than normal gauge needle, therefore my project moved along very quickly.  I’ve discovered, when I increased my knitting needle size, I was able to create a soft yet very warm fabric.  The appearance is so nice!  I’m beginning to wish I had given this a try long ago!

This week I’m planning to give this a whirl with my crochet hook!

The more I stitch with these fiber combinations, the more I’m loving the outcome!  I can see warm items for homeless and school kids as well as holiday gifts using my newly discovered technique will be flying off my needles this upcoming holiday season!