Letter from Lois – September 2019

It’s happened again!  Every year when September 1st rolls around I just can’t believe what we’ve accomplished during those “rest and enjoy” months since late Spring.  We’ve stitched our way through thousands and thousands of projects and created soooooo many smiles!  Some of us have traveled miles and miles to spend time in places other than those in which we normally live…only to come home exhausted rather than rested and longing to once again pick up where we left off…stitching!

But now, with kids and grandkids back in school with regular schedules once again, we can set our sights on whirlwind stitching!  Some of us feel the need to just catch up with projects we cast aside when outdoor and travel time was more important.

So, here’s the deal…we have so much nice yarn, lots of patterns, needles and hooks (and don’t forget the inspiration!) waiting for you at our gatherings.  And the needs continue to increase.  We need  blankets, blankets, blankets…in all of our communities!  These can be sizes and colors for babies and toddlers, lap sizes for patients in nursing homes, hospices and infusion centers, larger blankets for dialysis centers and the memory care patients enjoy our blankets as well!  Especially those made using bright colors!

We can use nice, warm shawls and wraps for those spending time in wheelchairs.  Just a little warmth and the feeling of a nice hug go a long way to show how much we care.

And hats.  Maybe a few more for comfort rather than warmth for a while but then our thoughts should turn to keeping those heads warm!

I just learned recently the need for warm hats for dialysis patients so that’s another direction for our fall stitching.

So much to consider!  I realize we just can’t cover it all but we sure can give it our best shot!  I don’t know what we would do without you.  Each of you contribute so much to help those in need.  Let’s just keep it going!

I really enjoyed seeing so many of you at the Retreat on Saturday and, to those I didn’t see there, I hope to see you very soon!


loisfth@me.com  (804-305-4971)