Letter from Lois

Letter from Lois – May 2019

Several of our members have formed a “Visiting Team from Home”.  We have put together a small suitcase of most often requested projects along with a pattern notebook in which we try to keep 5 or 6 copies of the samples we store in that Show ’n Tell, traveling bag.

In the last years we have made trips to Mathews, Williamsburg, Waynesboro, New Kent, Colonial Heights, Fredericksburg, Reedville, and Farmville, as well as several locations in Chesterfield County, VA., just to name a few.  Some of these groups have been a part of From the Heart for many years while others are just forming and seeking a little guidance in making an impact in not only their own communities but are offering to help where ever items are needed.

These are such fun trips for us, meeting new members as well as visiting with folks who’ve been a part of us for many years but with whom we rarely have a chance to visit.  The groups with which we meet seem to enjoy having a chance to have any of their questions answered and gain new ideas and patterns of items would benefit areas to which they are currently donating.

We would love to have an opportunity to visit with you and your group.   We could even help you find ways to attract interest in forming a new group.    We might be able to offer a quick mini class on occasion, if there is some item that would be beneficial to your community but is new to your group.  Sometimes we even might be able to supply a bag or two of yarn if that’s something your stitchers need or if it’s something special that’s required for a particular project, such as DK weight yarn for Knitted Knockers for mastectomy patients or worsted cotton for octopi used by memory care and senior rehab facilities.

Tuck these ideas under your hat.  Think on them, discuss them with your friends and other stitchers.  If this is something you’d enjoy having come to your “house” just say the word!  We are putting together a schedule to cover the summer months and would love to include you in our planning!

Also, if you will, pass along to us YOUR ideas as to how we can make these visits as valuable as possible.  I’m sure there are things we haven’t thought of that might make your stitching time more enjoyable.

I’m just sitting here waiting to hear from YOU !!


loisfth@me.com  (804-305-4971)