Monthly Mentions, November 2023

The final 31 days of this year are here.  They seem to come more quickly than in years past. Is it because we are so busy with our daily lives trying to accomplish more tasks, accumulate more wealth or things? Perhaps we are making up for the “lost time” during COVID.

I find that when I focus on a new project for donation that time slows down a little. It brings me comfort knowing that my items will find their way to just the right person; someone who will never know me or how much I enjoyed making it for them. I am immersed in the moment, in every stitch. It’s very meditative.

For the last 31 days of this year, challenge yourself to be in the moment every day. When talking with friends, make that person feel as if they are the only person in the room and really listen. Use words sparingly and with thoughtfulness. No need to fill silence with noise or mindless conversation. Just listen and breathe. And apply the same mindfulness in your projects as well and perhaps we will be able to slow down and savor these last days of the year with friends and family.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we wish each of you a healthy and happy holiday season. And thank you for making the mission of From the Heart a part of your life’s purpose.