Letter From Lois, March 2023

We are all about taking care of our communities!

Take a look around, right outside your own front door. Maybe a church that would appreciate a few shawls or lap blankets to offer to their shut-ins.

And elderly couples who would not only appreciate a visit but an offer of a hand stitched project, large or small, just to let them know someone is thinking of them.

You may even encounter someone who would very much enjoy a visit from a stitcher bearing an item for them, who also may have a few minutes to chat while stitching! This could make a world of difference to someone who spends most of their day just waiting for time to pass.

In your community you may find facilities such as assisted living or hospice centers. A few shawls or blankets will surely be welcomed. And remember those dementia patients, whether they are living at home with a care giver or in a memory care facility. Certainly small, fidget items or toys will help comfort them. You may even encounter a bedridden patient who would love to receive a brightly colored small blanket or shawl.

Some communities offer free clinics. Maybe a few simple toys to help entertain young children as they wait their turn to be examined or treated.

Don’t get me wrong! We need as many projects as we can get for our main, ongoing distribution. But, you may want to first take care of your own community, those of whom you are aware who would love a stitched hug from you!

And don’t forget, as I’ve said for the last 23 years: “You make it, we’ll find a home for it!