Letter From Lois, August 2022

Our Nancy W. is BRILLIANT!!

On any given day you can see the unbelievable talents of our stitchers. One such day happened recently when I witnessed a crocheted fidget lap panel being created right out of an amazing mind, without a pattern! Nancy just sat there stitching, chatting, and creating as she worked!

Many of our memory care and hospices often request fidget blankets for their busy fingered patients. Now, for me blankets are so far down my list of items to stitch, mainly because I have so many very necessary, small items for which I feel responsible I just can never set aside time to devote to an entire blanket. Now don’t get me wrong…we need so many lap and large blankets for dialysis, chemo, palliative care, and others, but to call blankets quick, easy projects is just crazy in my opinion.

Nancy to the rescue! She has created both knit and crochet patterns for a Fidget Lap Panel (see below.) These consist of rows of holes or openings through which interesting textured yarn, ribbon or other creative items can be woven. These are only about 30 x 12 inches and can be completed by one stitcher or in conjunction with a helper to do the weaving.

Granted, this will be a new idea for our recipients requesting items for their memory care patients. But, with their requests for those fidget blankets going un-met, I’m hoping they will just be quite thrilled with this idea. They will finally be able to supply their folks with projects that can easily be used while in a wheelchair without the danger of slipping off their laps, possibly creating falls while reaching to retrieve, or easily managed while strolling around their facility.

I’ve made of few of these panels and find I’m actually enjoying the process! Most of mine are stitched using leftovers since that’s what’s readily available at my house.

Some of our Elves have already told me of their willingness to work on completing these knit or crocheted fidget lap panels during their shifts at the workshop by adding bits and bobs to finish them.  To that end, there is now a basket in the front room of the workshop with the unfinished panels in it and you will find potentials to finish them off on the Memory Care Shelf to the right as you enter the yarn hall. Feel free to jump in and help with this either by making or completing the panels. You will also find the patterns for the knit/crochet part in this newsletter and, as always, please remember to make sure than anything added to the panels is very securely attached.

Give these some thought, maybe try a couple and cross your fingers that our recipients will be as excited about them as I am

Click HERE for patterns for these new “Fidget Lap Panels”