Letter From Lois, December 2022


Social Minded Individuals Love Excitement

The holidays are upon us! Excited to have enjoyed another family Thanksgiving! Excited to move closer into additional family functions during upcoming months!

When celebrating all things wonderful, remember those who may not have the health or other advantages the majority of us enjoy. Keep them in your heart and mind as you are stitching during the upcoming season.

Not a problem if you are a beginning stitcher. Not a problem if you aren’t as fast with your hooks and needles as in the past. YOU can make an impact for someone on our From the Heart radar. With your fanciful hats, scarves, shawls, blankets, mittens and socks or your easy, quicker stitched item…you can make a difference! 

I’ve seen it happen over and over. A From the Heart “gift” is bestowed upon someone who is cold, injured, ill or just alone and needing a hug. The offer of warmth, comfort and just plain caring is all it takes to create a little happiness and Smiles that are contagious. They are passed from care giver, family, or anyone in the vicinity near the recipient.  It just happens!  Impossible to hold them back!  First the patient or recipient.  Next the person who has offered the item.  Next comes the folks in the surrounding area. Even strangers who just happen to see the exchange.  Smiles are everywhere!

Now it’s up to you to keep it going, don’t forget to show your Excitement…show your Smile!