Letter From Lois – January 2021

Daffodils for LfL

Ahhhh…!! 2021 is here!  A brand new, clean slate!

Take a look at this picture.  These little daffodils opened back in December, as they do every year.  I feel they are our symbol of From the Heart.  Ice, snow, rain, wind or COVID 19, nothing can keep us down!

We keep our eyes forward, heads level and hearts full of hope, love and caring.

I just recently read the words of a man who was suffering from cancer.  He said we need to have Enthusiasm, a Dream, and a Goal…With these we will always be successful!  I think this is evidenced by the impact we have made during the past 20 years.  We definitely have the enthusiasm, our dream of helping so many is being made possible by you, our energetic membership, and our goal…well, we seem to continue to reach further and further with our desire to make a difference in as many lives as possible.

You are all so important to From the Heart and to those who benefit from your caring nature.  Please continue to stay safe, healthy, and full of desire to help those surrounding you…your communities!