Letter From Lois – January 2020

I’m back!  Well, almost, just not in the same capacity as before.

In my absence some very talented stitchers have taken on the jobs of crocheting burial cradles, burial blankets and octopi.  They’ve knitted burial gowns and hats and even those tiny 3-inch heart pillows, and knitted knockers.  These now no longer need my constant attention…no daytime or the 2 a.m. sessions when I realized I had “just one more” to complete a requested order.

I’m looking forward to doing a lot of ‘hanging out’, visiting and stitching at the shop.  Maybe even helping with a few classes now and then.

My 3-month vacation has been wonderful!  I have relearned how to sleep 5 or 6, and on occasion 7 hours at night!  I’ve spent time playing golf and even had time to actually clean up and prepare my garden beds for winter!  Haven’t done that in many years!  I’ve spent so much “quality” time with my family they are probably ready for me to find other ways to occupy some of my time 🙂

So, beginning in this month I’ll be easing back in to normal From the Heart life and looking forward to reconnecting with all my stitching friends!

Hope to see you at the workshop very soon!