Letter From Lois, December 2021

Just a few short notes:

  1. Enjoy the season – lots of shopping, cooking and best of all, cookie making with kids. You will have as much fun from the experience as they will.
  1. Stay safe, hug family and friends daily!
  1. Remember those sick or less fortunate than you – one day we may be in their position.
  1. Stitch lots of warm hats, scarves, mittens, and blankets. Let’s keep our communities warm.
  1. Feed the birds! My blue jays even eat table leftovers!  And, starlings will eat anything ☹
  1. Take care of yourself first so you are in the position to help others.
  1. Get outside for a walk daily. Could be you can only make it to your mailbox and back but, don’t stop walking!  Keep at it so you CAN keep at it!
  1. Come to the shop often to stitch or just for a short visit. We miss seeing your smiling face 🙂
  1. Give thanks daily – we have so much for which to be grateful.
  1. Motivate! As we age, as our spouses age, we experience a “new normal.”  But our abilities to give back and to show compassion remain the same.  It’s something that is always a part of us, always reliable.  If you have an itch to stitch for others, we are here for you!  If you wish to motivate others to become involved, we can help.  We can supply the yarn for projects.  We can help you teach as well as help motivate others to become involved. 

Remember, as members of From the Heart you are a part of a very large community of stitchers and givers.  We love that you are with us and hope to see you very soon at the workshop!