News/Letter from Lois

Letter from Lois – December 2017

Stitchers, we are facing a new challenge.  Little red hats for babiesand each must fit those 5 inch balls.

These hats are needed by our area hospitals in February so we do have a little time on our side.  ButIve totaled up the expected birth count reported by 5 of our six hospitals, just in the Richmond area, and at this point that count is at 980!  Our sixth hospital has yet to report in and its a biggie!  That one is VCU/MCV.  I just have no idea what to expect from their count!

The purpose of this little red hat campaign for February is because that is heart awareness month.  This program is promoted by American Heart Association in connection with The Childrens Heart Foundation.   Little Hats, Big Hearthonors babies, moms and heart healthy lives in a very special way.  The Foundation reports “… supporters are knitting and crocheting red hats to be given out to thousands of babies during American Heart Month in order to empower moms to live heart healthy lives and to help their children to do the same.”  You may want to check out the website promoting this program for additional information and patterns at

So, grab your hooks, needles and favorite baby hat patterns and lets do this!  You will find red yarn ready for you at the shop within the next few days.  You may use our Red Heart yarn readily on hand if you like.  Remember, once you stitch with Red Heart, if it feels a little harsh to you, just spritz it with water and toss in the dryer with a softener sheet.  If you would like to share a pattern with others, please bring it to the shop and well make copies to be offered for use.  Also, if you need a pattern, check out our website for those which we have posted there, check for patterns in our pattern books, which so many of you already have in your possession or, as written above, we will have donated patterns at our Westbriar Drive shop.

We have a separate bin in the shop workroom in which we are collecting these hats.  Be certain to test each one on our 5 inch balls and is tagged with our Dove tag before turning them in. 

As weve experienced in the past, our stitchers are always ready to help others.  Remember when we needed warm hats for Medics in Kuwait?  I requested 100 and in a very short time we had a total of 300 turned in!  So, I KNOW we can do this!  Baby hats are quick-stitch projects and with the willingness and caring of our membership it will be exciting to watch this unfold.  And, as the total grow we will be certain to keep you up to date on our progress.

Come by the shop soon, get your supplies and patterns if you need them and join in the funfor a great cause.

Hope to see you very soon at the shop!