Letter from Lois

Letter from Lois – March 2019

Remember to SMILE… Very Important… Very contagious!

Have you ever noticed how so many people we see in our daily routines are wearing frowns?  I refuse to believe it’s because I’m in their presence but, rather it’s just a habit that’s formed without their knowledge or approval!

So…a challenge for us all…look in every mirror, glass panel or other reflective surface you pass…keep a constant eye on YOUR smile.  Remember, happy thoughts, friendly smiles…it’s contagious!  Might just be our  contribution to alleviating some of the stress around us!  (Folks may even begin to wonder just what you know that they don’t!)

Every project you create will soon have your smile attached.  From your hands into those of a sick or grieving recipient, a smile can be almost as nice as a warm hug.

Think about this, do your best, it just might create a better feeling for us as stitchers as well!