In Lois’ Absence – November 2019

In Lois’ absence, many people have stepped up to take over the tasks she has attended to.  Among these people are Anne Bakker whom Lois asked to handle demise sets, a task some people (such as I) have a problem with as it is possibly one of the most emotional areas we work in. Anne is receiving a great amount of help from Nancy Wright, who is handing the crocheted cradles we send to area hospitals and has also compiled all the patterns into one easy-access bundle.  Anne handles all the knit gowns with assistance from Katya Arsentyeva who makes the blankets and Kulla Ficare who is making all the matching hats. Betsy Vest has taken over the sorting and shelving of all the yarn that comes in and is ably assisted by her husband. Marti Manson has taken over the organizing of crocheted octopuses. Martin Manson, Glen Allen, and Tricia Ennis have also taken over the deliveries Lois was making. Many thanks to all those filling in in Lois’ absence and apologies to anyone not mentioned here.

If you are interested in volunteering for any of these important duties, please contact Tricia at (804)683-9015 or