News/Letter from Lois

Letter from Lois – July 2018

Helping those in need…it’s just what we do!

We look around us, assess the need, think “how can we help?” then formulate a plan of action and jump in with both feet.  Simple as that!  We do it all the time!  In fact, not sure we ever even think before we leap!  We’ve learned from experience, if there’s a need we WILL find a way to help.

But the enormous need around us is so overwhelming at times it just may keep us awake at night.  It bores into our brains, haunts us when we’re eating, insists we think about it almost nonstop.

In many cases we find methods to not solve but help to our fullest capabilities.  We sew, crochet, knit, dig into our closets for clothing to donate and give it our all.  But somehow, try as we might, we can hardly even touch the minimum needs.

We try to concentrate on our veterans, our homeless, the tiniest of new borns, and those so small they can’t possibly survive.  We work for cancer centers, dialysis facilities and school systems.  We assist in comforting the animals in rescue centers.  We give all we can to those attending the Rural Area Medical event in far western Virginia including folks from Tennessee, West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky as well.

We don’t receive rewards for what we do and will never, ever expect recognition.  Our rewards come when we can smile and feel grateful for what we have been given and the life we live that allows us to do our part.  Now, reach waaaaaay back and give yourself a good pat on your back!  Your reward is the fact that you are heroes to so many in need.  Think how your blanket, your hat or other items you create give comfort.  That’s our reward…just knowing we are doing our best and truly making a difference in the lives of others.

Grab your hooks and needles, come by the shop for yarn, join friends while there and plan to sit, stitch and chat for a while.  You’ll be so glad you did!

Hope to see you soon at the shop!