Letter From Lois, June 2021

Recently I learned a new term…SABLE….Stash Accumulated Beyond Life Expectancy.

Let’s just think for a bit about that Stash, or we’ll just call part of it what it is…leftovers!  That’s partial skeins and hanks of yarn from projects long past completed and, in some cases, forgotten.  These definitely accumulate very quickly, most often when our backs are turned!  But what can we do about it?  We could probably think of a few ways of reducing it down to just taking up a smaller area in our much-coveted space allotted for yarn and supplies.

We can share that unused collection with our stitching friends.  Maybe we could even swap colors and textures with them.  Of course, this probably won’t improve our space problem but will only give it a different look, color wise.  For actual stash reduction we’ve got to just get it out of the house!

We can use it in projects such as blankets, shawls, hats or even sweaters.  This might just spur our brain cells into action.  Creating projects that will not only open up space for us but will truly benefit someone else is always a good idea.

Another idea…when thinking of making projects to begin using up our stash, why not do as we often do with our Mystery Bag projects?  Toss a large batch of those leftover balls in to a brown bag grocery sack.  Decide what project we will stitch.  Get it started by just reaching into that sack…no peeking!  Just use the ball our fingers touch first.  When that selection is completely depleted, reach in for ball number two!  It’s  amazing what happens without our help in deciding which color should go next.  That’s all taken out of our hands!  Once our project reaches completion, step back and take a look.  We will have a beautiful surprise right before our eyes!

Shawl to Accompany LfL

Here’s another thought.  I’ve noticed quite a bit of white, black, and other dark colors in my yarn collection.  I’ve finally found an idea that puts them to good use and definitely  helps reduce that area of storage space (to allow for other yarn purchases, again adding to my stash problem,  I’ve learned that tossing in a few rows of these darker colors (that are fast multiplying stash problems) every 5 or 6 rows into each of my leftover projects adds a bit of character and is fast reducing that part of my problem.

So, just a little something to think about.  Get creative.  Open up YOUR yarn storage space.  Make room for more yarn purchases in order to begin collecting new choices in your leftovers space!

Enjoy your stitching!