Letter From Lois – February 2020

My daffodils are up, some are even blooming!  My anemones are also up but no buds as of yet.  And Lenten Roses seem to just go on year ‘round.  I know, I know…I’m getting excited but I also realize we have at least a few more months of winter ahead of us.

With snow and sleet still a threat, it’s very important for us to do our part to help keep folks warm, whether they are outdoors and homeless or if they are bald, going through treatments and having to venture out  to facilities in hopes of securing a cure for their illness.

And then there are those folks in hospice care, nursing homes, memory care, dialysis and cancer treatment centers who would welcome a bit of warmth from a shawl around their shoulders, a small blanket covering their lap and legs or even a cot size cover for those who are bedridden.

And we can’t forget the kids!  Hats, scarves, mittens to keep them warm when heading outside or blankets and toys to comfort them indoor… and just maybe a nice pet cozy for their four legged companion to snuggle on as well.

WOW!  so much to stitch, so much yarn…not enough hands!  Bring your stitching friends and family, stop by the workshop for supplies and even tools and patterns.  Let’s make a difference.  Let’s share our care and love.  Let’s do our very best to help, wherever we can 🙂  Seems the more we do the more we realize we are needed!

See you very soon at the workshop!