Letter From Lois – May 2020

We are still here. We are still “staying put” for the next few weeks…but, we have come this far so we can surely endure to the end!

We are staying busy, keeping up with our knitting, crocheting and sewing all for those in need. We are showing our love and caring hearts though our stitches.  Some of our projects, such as masks, surgical hats, etc. are being used immediately. Our blankets, shawls, scarves and chemo hats as well as those items for children and the very tiniest patients will be in such demand once this pandemic is behind us.  We will need every single item you have and are continuing to make when the recipient’s doors are open to us once more!

The comfort we are creating at this moment, for those who have been working for the good of others through these last weeks, as well as that we have waiting in the wings are so precious to those to whom we donate.

Your efforts are so necessary, your love so dear to those in need, and your importance to From the Heart is beyond belief!  Continue to be safe, do your best to stay active and above all, please come see us at the workshop when this is all behind us!  We love you all and are so, so anxious to see you as soon as possible!