News/Letter from Lois

Letter from Lois – March 2018

From the Heart

Who are we?
What we do?
Why we do it?
Are all governed extensions from the heart.

Our passion and desire
to share…
hope, joy, and comfort.
That may only be ignited with a smile

A warming stitched item,
a breathtaking token.
Beautiful colors that melt together like
chocolate for the soul,
sure to warm your heart.
A keepsake no doubt.

So yield not to the forces of giving.
Let your will be creative
your actions be submissive
to the hearts-of others.

Written by: Bridget Brown


I believe this author has said it all!  We all feel these emotions as we stitch good vibes and wishes into every project we create.

As we near that 300,000 items donated figure you can just imagine all the good will, beautiful smiles and warming glows your items have projected.

Let’s keep it going!  Let’s continue our endeavors for the upcoming future of

From the Heart.  YOU are how we got to this point…each and every one of you!  Pat yourself on your back, grab your hooks, needles and yarn and lets keep it going!  Come in to the shop on Westbriar Drive when you can, sit and chat with your friends and create even more new friendships while you are there.

Hope to see you there very soon!