Letter from Lois – July 2019

Summer hats, wrist warmers and fingerless mitts time!

It’s summer! Hot, humid, lemonade and iced tea time!  But, for those going through infusions, sitting still and quiet sometimes for hours in air-conditioned rooms, the chill can sneak in quickly!

Nice, warm, “fashionable” head coverings are oh, so welcoming! And wrist warmers or fingerless mitts are also a huge hit with these patients.  A little warmth around wrists, covering the pulse point, makes such a difference!  The mitts offer a little more comfort.  While keeping hands warm, they allow for freedom of finger movement making book page turning, kindle use and cell phone operation possible.

This time of year, our cotton blend and soft acrylic yarns are perfectly suited for stitching these special comfort items.  I notice we have on hand at least two cubbies of that wonderfully appealing Caron Simply Soft, just waiting for stitchers to create something wonderful.  We even have a nice supply of it in the darker variegated, perfectly suited for not only ladies and kids but men as well.

It’s time to pick up those hooks and needles and, whether sitting in the sand, watching the waves roll in or in your favorite comfy chair enjoying your cooling AC, please consider making a hat or two…maybe tackle those wrist warmers or mitts!  Someone out there is just waiting for your finished project to be offered in their dialysis or other infusion center.

Hope you are enjoying some summer, relaxing time.  As for me, this weather is my favorite!  Difficult to stay idle inside but when I finally come in at night, I’m more than ready for some good, quiet stitching time!  Time to make something comforting for those less fortunate.

Good health and happiness to all of you!


loisfth@me.com  (804-305-4971)