Monthly Mentions, June 2023

May was a busy and unusual month weather-wise. It “may” rain, it “may” be cold, it “may” be hot…we weren’t sure from day to day. It was always a daily surprise.

What also surprised us is the number of completed projects and distributed from all FtH groups for the month as of May 25th; 4,609! Since the inventory totals must be calculated in advance of the preparation of this newsletter, this means that we will still have another 6 days before the end of the month. AMAZING!

Our Richmond distribution team does a fabulous job sorting, counting, and bagging locally. Don’t forget that we do have other groups that also distribute in their communities; the Fredericksburg FtH Group, the Dinwiddie FtH Group, the Hampton Roads FtH Group, and the Williamsburg FtH Group. All of our locations are growing and busy supporting the needs of others in their communities.

During the month we were able to re-connect with the Richmond VA Medical Center (formerly known as McGuire Hospital). During the COVID months, we were not able to provide contributions directly to them. We are pleased to be able to begin deliveries to these well-deserved recipients and even more excited to participate in the Veterans Baby Shower for 68 expecting female veterans!

We are happy to advise that FtH members are again visiting the Richmond workshop and gathering in our social area with friends. It’s so wonderful to see everyone again. Hope you can come by soon and enjoy the new furnishings and reacquaint yourself with your friends.

Have a great June and thanks to everyone for keeping the mission of From the Heart a part of your purpose.