Letter From Lois – October 2020

We certainly don’t have excessive amounts of funds, but we definitely have loads of talent as we’ve proven during the last six months!

While sitting at home, we’ve sewn, knitted crocheted and donated thousands of items…even though hampered by conditions keeping us from offering items to but only a very few of our normal recipients.

Those we have been able to contact have been very grateful, not only for our masks and surgical caps but blankets, shawls memory care items and so many, many baby hats!

We are so thankful to all of you for continuing to pass along your wonderful stitches to us…delivery people and cheerleaders…in order that we may put your projects into the hands for whom they are intended.

You are making such an amazing difference in those in need of not only a little warmth but such a deep contentment being wrapped in love and knowing someone really cares about them and their well-being.

We appreciate all of you, not only for your talents, but also for who you are inside.  Such an unbelievable group you are!  All our thanks go out to YOU!