Letter From Lois – August 2020

Remember back in elementary school, during that first week back after summer vacation we would always be asked to write a short paper telling how we spent our summer vacation days. Hang on to that thought…we just might ask YOU how you spent your pandemic days!

I’m writing mine here, now:

In my back yard, on a slight hill, enclosed by a stone wall, I had 9 beautiful trees. During a February storm, one fell over, smashing our neighbor’s privacy fence.  “Someone” in our family then had the excuse to remove not only that tree but THE OTHER 8 AS WELL! Needless to say, I was extremely upset but, who knew…there was a pandemic waiting in the wings!

Being a gardener at heart I did the only thing I could to improve the appearance of my now unsightly back yard…I started planting!   First, I transplanted all I could spare from my small, current side yard bed.  It was so early and I’m so impatient I just fidgeted until nurseries began selling early spring bedding plants.  Hubby went out several times (with my health issues I could only sit home and wonder what he would find).  He brought back a van full of color!  I planted but it was still so cool things just didn’t respond quick enough to fill in the gaps so he would bring in more (anything to shut me up about taking out all of my trees).

As spring warmed up, we began doing drive-by trips to plant nurseries.  I would point out what to get, he would jump out and buy it!  Friends and family began sharing plants and seeds with me.  Even my friend, Ula in Vermont, sent me flower and zucchini seeds!  As the season progressed, I not only finally had flowers making a showing but zucchini, yellow squash cucumbers, eggplants, green peppers, tomatoes, and now my favorite, WATERMELONS!  They are about the size of a grapefruit now!   I’ve given away so many squash and zucchini and now have started freezing the excess.

I’ve pretty much planted every square inch of available dirt on my once empty hill.  But now as the season winds down, plants are beginning to sag and I’m having to prune out the most unsightly of the bunch.  Otherwise my neighbors might call the “ugly garden police” or come clear it all out themselves.  So, I’m on the hunt for asters or other fall color to keep it all going for as long into my least favorite seasons of all…fall and winter.  I did however, in the beginning plant a very long row of daffodils just inside the edge of the long wall so hopefully, in the early spring I can send you a bright, colorful picture to welcome the season!

I hope you have been able to fill your lock-down time with some enjoyable pastimes and have weathered this storm, retained your sanity and like me, are looking forward to once again getting your lives back on track!  I can’t wait to see you again and hear about your COVID-19 experiences.