Knitted Hats/Scarves/Neckwarmers – Adult Sizes

Knitted Balaclava

Floppy Brim Chemo Hat

Warm Wooly Hat for the Homeless

Universal Hat and Scarf Set

Knit Adult Hat – Circular Knit

Knitted Beret

Mix n’Match Knitted Hat

Pixie Hat for a Small Adult or an Older Child

Just an All-Purpose Hat

Mel’s Fake Cable Stitch Chemo Hat

Pyramid Hat

Serpentine Cable Hat

Sallie’s Hat

The Inside Out Knit Chemo Cap

Chemo Sleep Cap

Double Strand Rolled Brim Hat

Eyelet Rolled Brim Hat

Jackie’s Lacy Chemo Cap

Lace-Edged Women’s Hat Knit Head Hugger

Lacy Chemo Hat

Leftovers Striped Hat in 2 sizes

Morning Glory Chemo Hat

Open Weave Chemo Hat

Ripple Hat

Scallop Edge Hat

Twisted Stitch Chemo Hat

Vine Edged Chemo Hat

“Waverly” Chemo Hat

Slouchy Beanie

Jeanette’s Knitted Leftovers Scarf

Basketweave Scarf

Linen Stitch Scarf (Version 1)

Linen Stitch Scarf (Version 2, easier version)

Long Tail Cast on for Linen Stitch Pattern Version 1

No Purl Linen Stitch Scarf

Ruffled Scarf

Seed Stitch Scarf with Pockets

Simple Lacy Scarf

Super Simple Keyhole Scarf

Basketweave Hat and Scarf Set

Checkers Hat and Scarf Set

Chevron Hat and Scarf Set

Easy 2-Color Hat and Scarf Set

A Little Bit of Lace Hat and Scarf Set

Ebb and Flow Hat and Short Scarf Set

Quick Knit Man’s Ribbed Hat and Scarf Set

Quick Knit Seed Stitch Hat and Scarf Set

Slip Stitch Hat and Scarf Set

Feather and Fan Hat and Scarf Set

Mistake Stitch Hat and Scarf Set in Two Sizes (Child and Adult)

Reach for the Stars Hat and Scarf Set

Reversible Hat and Scarf Set